Unfinished Foundations:  ROW80 Round 4 Final Update/12 Week Year Week 12 Midweek:

I know I’m running very late. Life has been chaotic, of late,and has demanded a great deal of focus on the Right Here, Right Now.

I don’t have an official 2017 wrap-up for this year, since I decided three-quarters of the way in to scrap the annual goals and go to The 12 Week Year. I’m glad I did. Jim’s terminal cancer diagnosis at Week Six shifted nearly all of my priorities, and a 12 week year is a lot easier to adapt to changing circumstances than a 52 week one!

So, without further ado, here’s how my first 12 Week Year (also known as ROW80 Round 4, 2017) shook out:

My 12 Week Year Q4 Goals

Color Codes:

Blue with Overstrike: Completed.

Green: In Progress.

Black:  Not Yet.

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Beta Reading:

One chapter of either Spellfire’s Kiss or Stained Blood each week, as possible: Week 12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%


Complete three hometending rounds each in bedroom; porch; and (former) study: Week 12.

  • Bedroom 3/3 completed – and then some. I bought a new-to-me night table and dresser on Sunday, and have been reorganizing.
  • Study/porch both 2/3 for the week.
  • Week 12 progress: about 85%

Complete one hometending round bathroom; family room; kitchen; and living room each week. Week 12.

  • >1/1 for living room. 1/1 for kitchen/family room.
  • Week 12 progress: about 85%.

Homeschool Administration:

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice four times weekly, circumstances dependent: Week 12.

  • 1/4 this week.
  • Week 12 progress: 25%.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

  • Give 30 minutes/week to Modules One/Two: Weeks 10-12.
  • Week 12 progress: 0%

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete 30 minutes of current lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night”: Weeks 11-12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%

New Writing:

Among the Firestars:

Complete Plotting elements: Weeks 11-12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%

Complete Rough draft: Weeks 11-12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%

Complete Lesson One of Holly Lisle’s Flash Fiction mini-course:  Week 12.

  • Wrote/revised 2/11 story starts.
  • Week 12 progress: about 50%

Chef Bluebeard:

Research changing thrust/ownership of website: Weeks 10-12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%

Organize/inventory existing stock: Week 12.

  • Week 12 progress: 0%

Create plan to liquidate/publicize liquidation: Week 12.

  • More brainstorming.
  • 6 bottles sold to a friend who needed gifts.
  • Week 12 progress: about 25%

Body, Mind, and Soul:

The Big Scary Thing:

Spend the time needed to learn and adjust to the reality of Jim’s condition, and to deal with the circumstances as they evolve: Week 12.

  • Adjusting and learning ongoing. Getting in the swing of hospice; I think we’ve met most everyone now.
  • Week 12 progress: about 60%.

Seek and accept help as needed/offered.  Also seek out those willing to help organize, because it’s hard for me to think about that while focusing on Jim, the children, and myself: Week 12.

  • Offers accepted as needed.
  • Week 12 progress: about 60%.

Fitness and Health:

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and give them the types of exercise, stretching, and challenge they need in trying times:  Week 12.

  • Lots of hometending, firewood tending, and resting a knee sore from lots of physical exertion.
  • Week 12 goal: COMPLETED.

Mindful Eating:

Eat three vegetable based meals/snacks; aim for Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Week 12.

  • 3/3 complete; butternut squash ravioli; vegetable lasagna; large salad.
  • Week 12 goal: COMPLETED.

Experiment with Instant Pot veggie-based meals: Week 12.

  • Bought eggs for hard boiling (first simple project) and spinach/kale blend for the veggie experimentation that will follow.
  • Week 12 progress: 10%


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  1. Considering everything going on in your life right now, this is really great. I hope this next round brings you the way to get to everything you can with as much ease as possible. (((HUGS)))

    • Thank you. I’m really satisfied with what I accomplished. The priority, of course, is Jim, the kids, and family stuff. So that will be a huge part of my Round One goals.

    • Thank you, Erin. I think, if I hadn’t has these goals and action plans, I might have given up entirely on my personal aspirations for the duration.

      I’m not displeased with what I’ve accomplished, and it made sense to change directions when I did.

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