Foundations and Changes:  ROW80/12 Week Year Week 9 Midweek

This is the last week of the third quarter of my first 12-Week Year.  It’s also less than 12 hours, as I type this, until my husband will be receiving his central port – the means by which he will receive chemotherapy – not as a cure, but with “palliative intent.”

In other words, the oncologist is hoping to give him a better quality and quantity of life.

That’s what we’re doing here, too, in our own way.

I’ll be re-evaluating my Year One goals at the end of the week. We’ll know more about the progress of the chemotherapy after our learning appointment and Jim’s pre-chemo assessment on Thursday.  

Until then, though…it’s time for my Week 9 Midweek Update.

Blue with OverstrikeGoal completed.

Green – Goal in progress.

Black – No progress.

 Relationships, Family, and Home:

Beta Reading:

One chapter of either Spellfire’s Kiss or Stained Blood each week, as possible: Weeks 9-12.

  • Stained Blood; Chapter Five: I finally got back to this. I left off a few weeks back on page 5/11; now on 10/11, and using as a welcome break between rounds of homeschool report work.
  • Week 9 progress: About 85% completed.


Complete five hometending rounds in bedroom; three on porch; and one in study: Week 9.

  • Bedroom: 5/5
  • Porch: 1/3
  • Study: 0/1
  • 6/9 total.
  • Week 9 progress: About 66% completed.

Complete one hometending round bathroom; family room; kitchen; and living room each week. Week 7-9.

  • Week 9 progress: 0%

Homeschool Administration:

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice four times weekly, weather and car dependent: Week 9.

  • 0/4 practice runs completed.
  • We took Jim’s car, which will likely become Miah’s, to the shop for brakes and struts. The plan is for Miah to begin learning how to drive it, as thus far he’s only driven my car.
  • Week 9 goal progress: 5% completed.

Draft Miah’s homeschool report: Week 9

  • Section 14/16 (Physical Education) complete; only Health and Safety and Attendance remain.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 85% completed.

Revise/proof/update attendance/submit homeschool reports: Week 9.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Give 15 minutes/week to Modules  One/Two:  Weeks 9-12.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.

Slaying SEO:

Get all revelant materials from the Page/blog links, so I can work on this when life permits: Week 9.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete 15 minutes of current lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night”: Weeks 9.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.

New Writing:

Among the Firestars:

Complete Plotting elements: Week 9.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.

Chef Bluebeard:

Research changing thrust/ownership of website: Weeks 9-12

  • Discussed again; decided to keep it as Jim’s site for now; might be a way to move inventory when I finish and activate it.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 10% completed.

Organize and inventory stock; research business establishments for potential wholesale opportunities: Weeks 9-12.

  • Some organizing, and some discussion with Jim regarding wholesaling.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 10% completed.

Consider whether selling at local events is still desirable/feasible; if so, think about adaptations we’d need to make: Weeks 9-12.

  • Introduced the topic with Jim; no resolutions, but it’s on our radar.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 10% completed.

Mind, Body, and Soul:

The Big Scary Thing:

Spend the time needed to learn and adjust to the reality of Jim’s condition, and to deal with the circumstances as they evolve: Weeks 9-12.

  • I’ve begun considering adaptations that will make life more streamlined and manageable for Jim, for myself, and for the family in general.
  • This week’s appointments are Wednesday and Thursday mornings; we took Jim’s car, which needed brakes and struts to the shop Monday, and picked it up Tuesday. Jim was able to drive it with iffy brakes, but he will need a ride home from tomorrow’s appointment, since he will be anesthetized – and I didn’t want to chance the brakes on city streets. Once we picked up his car, we dropped mine off for struts and a fix for whatever is grinding and crunching in the rear.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 15% completed.

Seek and accept help as needed/offered.  Also seek out those willing to help organize, because it’s hard for me to think about that while focusing on Jim, the children, and myself: Weeks 9-12.

  • Still brainstorming where we may need help, and what manner of help we will need. I’ve had a couple of specific ideas.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 15% completed.

Fitness and Health:

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and give them the types of exercise, stretching, and challenge they need in trying times:  Weeks 912.

  • Deep cleaning, moving furniture, and organizing.
  • I’ve been thinking of going for a walk, but haven’t done it yet.
  • Week 9 goal progress: about 10% completed.

Mindful Eating:

Eat three vegetable based meals/snacks; aim for Monday/Wednesday/Friday:  Week 912.

  • Veggie pizza and salad; Monday.
  • Asparagus tips; Tuesday.
  • Week 9 goal progress: 66% completed.

Personal Expression:

Purchase ear muffs: Week 9.

  • Week 9 goal progress: 0% completed.


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  1. You know the progress you’ve made, not only in your craft but also in your day-to-day affairs. Yeah, sometimes you may feel like it’s been more of a cha-cha (two steps forward, two back), but maybe a reason to dance is what you need right now… May we continue to offer you music that lifts your spirit and soothes your heart.

  2. Glad you’re still making some progress as you handle everything else. I’m still working my way through all the comments on Chapter 5. 😀 Hope the appointments go as well as they can this week.

  3. Your organization and your goals show perseverance despite all else and a willingness to use words-on-the-page to keep what is most important visible. Sending loving thoughts as you find your way with hopes you will ask for help — even from your virtual friends.

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