Breathing Into My Foundations:  ROW80/12 Week Year Week 8 Final

A *funny thing has been happening since Jim received his diagnosis….

In the midst of this time when the possibility for Jim to grow old with me, or even to see the children through their final run-up to adulthood has been whisked away from us…

I’m seeing possibilities everywhere, and in everything.

Maybe, when life is shaken to its foundations, the resultant tremors and shifts open up new landscapes and new perspectives. Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that I’m trying to be present here in the moment, where all the magic lives, and, at the same time, to look ahead and try to anticipate our needs, and potential trouble spots, before we get to them…or maybe it’s just the book I’m reading (You are a Badass by Jen Sincero).

Whatever it is – I’m seeing alternatives I hadn’t, before…and having choices is breathing new air into my shaky foundations…and giving me the strength to find stable places in which to anchor myself, and my family, as we move forward…still together.

*Well, actually – I’m not sure “funny” is quite the right word. But then, I’m not sure there really is a “right” word, either…so let’s just go with it, OK?

Have you ever had a revelation (or a whole series of them), when faced with a serious challenge?

Relationships, Family, and Home: 

Beta Reading:

One chapter of either Spellfire’s Kiss or Stained Blood each week, as possible: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.


Complete five hometending rounds in bedroom; three on porch; and one in study: Weeks 89.

  • Bedroom: 5/5
  • Porch: 3/3
  • Study: 1/1
  • Week 8 goal COMPLETED!

Complete one hometending round bathroom; family room; kitchen; and living room each week. Weeks 8-9.

  • Living room, kitchen, family room, and bathroom rounds completed; 4/4
  • Week 8 goal COMPLETED!

Homeschool Administration:

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice thrice weekly, weather dependent: Weeks 8-9.

  •  1/3 practices completed.
  • Hopefully, repair will be made in next week or two, and we can get back to it.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 33%.

Draft Miah’s homeschool report: Week 8.

  • Sciences Section completed; Social Sciences (4 subcategories categories) in progress, 6/16.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 30%.

Revise/proof/update attendance/submit homeschool reports: Weeks 8-9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Give 15 minutes/week to Modules One/Two:  Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Slaying SEO:

Get all relevant materials from the Page/blog links, so I can work on this when life permits: Week 8.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete 15 minutes of current lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night”: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

New Writing:

Among the Firestars:

Complete Plotting elements: Weeks 8- 9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Complete 50,000 words of rough draft: Week 8.

  • Despite taking Thanksgiving Day off to just relax, I managed to chip away at the total, and, with a surge at the end, cross the 50,000 word line sometime very early Saturday morning.
  • Wednesday, November 22: 1,884 words.
  • Thursday, November 23: 0 words.
  • Friday, November 24: 5,151 words.
  • Saturday, November 25: 1,155 words.
  • Total word count: 50,270/50,000 words.
  • NaNo Official Word Count: 50,633/50,000 words.
  • Year One Goal EXCEEDED!

Chef Bluebeard:

Research changing thrust/ownership of website: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: about 15%.

Complete plan for offering wholesale opportunities: Weeks 8-9.

  • Began organizing materials to inventory current stock.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 25%.

Discuss how/if to address/publicize selling at local events in future: Weeks 8-9.

  • Posted a status giving a general health update, and acknowledging that our business model is going to have to change.
  • More thought on how to move forward.
  • Began cleaning/organizing the stock area; in preparation for inventory. Once we have numbers, it will be easier to decide on an approach, going forward.
  • Week 8 Progress: 20%.

Body, Mind, and Soul:

The Big Scary Thing:

Spend the time needed to learn and adjust to the reality of Jim’s condition, and to deal with the circumstances as they evolve: Weeks 8-12.

  • Mostly, at this point, dealing with things as they arise; appointments and clearing other items off my list, so I can have the focus, time, and acuity needed to delve into the learning aspects.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 50%.

Seek and accept help as needed/offered.  Also seek out those willing to help organize, because it’s hard for me to think about that while focusing on Jim, the children, and myself: Weeks 8-12.

  • More responding to individual messages. Still haven’t needed help; still considering what types of help will be most, well, helpful.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 75%.

Fitness and Health:

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and give them the types of exercise, stretching, and challenge they need in trying times:  Weeks 812.

  • My body seemed to most need to rest and recharge this week.
  • A fair amount of hometending through the course of the week.
  • Week 8 progress: about 50%.

Tai chi: Attend Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday classes; work around schedule and energy levels: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Mindful Eating:

Eat three vegetable based meals/snacks; aim for Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Weeks 812.

  • Acorn squash ravioli on Monday; vegetable lasagna on Tuesday; blueberry smoothie on Wednesday; Chinese vegetables and rice on Friday; pomegranate seeds on Saturday.
  • 5/3 for the week.
  • Week 8 goal EXCEEDED!

Personal Expression:

  • Acquire new, more efficient jewelry storage: Week 12.
  • I began setting up my new system. I might want to buy a couple of tiny wooden knobs for the jewelry box.
  • Week 8 and 12Week Year goal COMPLETED!

Evaluate and purchase ear muffs: Weeks 8- 10.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.


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  1. Congratulations on winning NaNo! I’m sending healing, hopeful energy your family’s way. Focusing on the moment is so important, even when one feels pulled towards thinking about other things. As my spiritual mentor said in one of his songs, “Be here now.”

  2. Congrats on finishing NaNo. I’m continually impressed by how well you are handling The Big Scary Thing (I’m sure there’s a children’s book called that to help kids deal with these catastrophic events, like Malcolm and the Big Scary Thing. Or there should be.)
    I think the saying should be “When Life gives you lemons, and your friends add a little sugar … “

  3. I am sorry that you have to go through this. Thank you for sharing your journey. We forget that illness is a part of life, but it can create more presence in the moment. I wish you presence and joy every day. Happy writing. And happy living.

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