Rebuilding Foundations:  ROW80/12 Week Year Week 8 Midweek

The resiliency of the human spirit amazes me. 

It’s been less than three weeks since we learned that Jim has metastasized pancreatic cancer, and that it’s terminal.

And somehow, we’re starting to adjust to this reality. To find the positives in it – even this.

Because there are positives – even if it’s just that Jim gets to find out just how many lives he’s touched, and we all have time to prepare, and build memories together, and brace ourselves for the changes to come.

Whether we accept their reality pragmatically, or rage and rail against it – it’s happening.

Given that, I’d rather be positive, and not have the regret of wasted time, later.

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Beta Reading:

One chapter of either Spellfire’s Kiss or Stained Blood each week, as possible: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.


Complete five hometending rounds in bedroom; three on porch; and one in study: Weeks 8-9.

  • Bedroom: 4/5
  • Porch: 1/3
  • Week 8 Progress: about 60%.

Complete one hometending round bathroom; family room; kitchen; and living room each week. Weeks 8-9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Homeschool Administration:

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice thrice weekly, weather dependent: Weeks 8-9.

  • Brief driving practice on Monday during errand run. Learned to set/release the emergency/parking brake. 1/3 practices completed.
  • My car started making a funny sound just before Jim and I got home on Tuesday. Might not be taking him driving again until repair is made, to be on the safe side.
  • Week 8 Progress: 33%.

Draft Miah’s homeschool report: Week 8.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Revise/proof/update attendance/submit homeschool reports: Weeks 8-9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Give 15 minutes/week to Modules One/Two:  Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Slaying SEO:

Get all relevant materials from the Page/blog links, so I can work on this when life permits: Week 8.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete 15 minutes of current lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night”: Weeks 8-12.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

New Writing:

Among the Firestars:

Complete Plotting elements: Weeks 8- 9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Complete 50,000 words of rough draft: Weeks 8-9.

  • I’m close enough to 50K now that I didn’t set an incremental goal for this week – and I’m starting to feel get-there-itis, so I might forego my 2,500 word-a-day cap (which I haven’t honestly been hitting that much this month), and go for it, so I can focus on Other Things till the end of the month. And yes, I DO tend to write convoluted run-on sentences when I have a lot on my mind (if you don’t believe me, you should read my NaNo draft!).
  • Sunday, November 20: 3,647 words.
  • Monday, November 21: 286 words.
  • Tuesday, November 22: 1,279 words.
  • Total word count: 42,080/50,000 words.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 85%.

Chef Bluebeard:

Research changing thrust/ownership of website: Weeks 8-12.

  • Some preliminary discussion; no research yet.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 15%.

Complete plan for offering wholesale opportunities: Weeks 8-9.

  • Again, some preliminary discussion on terms and businesses we’d like to work with.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 20%.

Discuss how/if to address/publicize selling at local events in future: Weeks 8-9.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Body, Mind, and Soul:

The Big Scary Thing:

Spend the time needed to learn and adjust to the reality of Jim’s condition, and to deal with the circumstances as they evolve: Weeks 8-12.

  • On Tuesday, we had an appointment with the oncology social worker, who will be assisting us with many details as we move through this journey. I have a good deal of homework to tend to over the next days.
  • Appointments scheduled for next week include port placement, chemo learning (so we know what to expect with the home portions of the therapy); and pre-chemo bloodwork and assessment for Jim, after which the chemo will be scheduled. Lots of learning on the horizon.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 50%.

Seek and accept help as needed/offered.  Also seek out those willing to help organize, because it’s hard for me to think about that while focusing on Jim, the children, and myself: Weeks 8-12.

  • I’ve been responding to the many well-wishes and offers of help – not as fast as I might like, but as expeditiously as I can manage – it’s an emotional thing, and I have an abundance of emotional stuff right now; I’m easily emotionally exhausted. So I’m portioning out my responses.
  • Interacting with the social worker is the first step toward seeking and accepting help, and has been very useful in helping us figure out what our priorities and objectives are for the coming months.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 75%.

Fitness and Health:

Listen to my body, mind, and soul, and give them the types of exercise, stretching, and challenge they need in trying times:  Weeks 812.

  • Hometending, and lots of rest.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 25%

Tai chi: Attend Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday classes; work around schedule and energy levels: Weeks 8-12.

  • This isn’t going to happen this week, and likely not next, either, due to holiday and appointments. I do want to prioritize it, though, as tai chi class always brings me a calm energy and centeredness I could REALLY use right now.
  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

Mindful Eating:

Eat three vegetable based meals/snacks; aim for Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Weeks 8-12.

  • Acorn squash ravioli on Monday; vegetable lasagna on Tuesday.
  • 2/3 for the week.
  • Week 8 Progress: about 66%.

Personal Expression:

  • Acquire new, more efficient jewelry storage: Week 12.
  • I will be using found items – a jewelry box Jim and I bought together at an antique shop when we were newlyweds, and one of the small slatted wood window shutters he found somewhere along the way when the kids were small. Not quite sure how I’ll set it up yet, but pondering – and I think I have everything I need to make it work, with no need to buy anything.
  • Week 8 and 12Week Year goal COMPLETED!

Evaluate and purchase ear muffs: Weeks 8- 10.

  • Week 8 Progress: 0%.

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  1. Your progress is, as always, amazing… some of which I’m sure is because the “doing” is helping you focus on the here and now, but also is s sign of the remarkable mature and balanced woman you’ve become (a far cry from our crazy school days 😉 ). As you say… you’ll get through this, but how you approach it matters too. Your opening lines are…. well, looks to me like you’ve got the best approach in mind.

  2. Lots of good progress there, especially in the writing. I sense that you need these tasks and checklists to give some stability amidst chaos. Warm thoughts to you. Not sure how I can help, other than being here. I could give writing feedback if you need it.
    I had to look up home tending too – it seems to be like real estate staging, in that it’s living in a house that is being sold to keep it looking occupied. I don’t understand your focus on specific rooms though. Your definition may be different 😉

  3. OK, I did drop out for 2 weeks, stopped writing on my NaNo project completely, but finished BOTH publishing projects, and am now celebrating getting back to a more ‘normal’ writing life. I have thought of you and your courage. Your positive approach in thinking, writing, and taking actions will help all of you in the coming months. For this Thanksgiving is precious. Back when I worked in the banking world so long ago, one of my bosses from Portuguese Singapore used to begin each letter, “I seize this moment to write you . . . ” I thought it was amusing at the time — but now realize this is a philosophy of life. May you feel nurtured as well as you support others. Hugs.

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