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It’s been an – eventful week. I’m not ready to discuss, but events have led to some serious shuffling of priorities and timelines – and I don’t see that changing much for the near future, at least.

So, while I was going to bring a brand-new segment of Among the Firestars, my epic fantasy NaNoWriMo novel, I’ve yet to add any new words today, so far. So, instead, I’m sharing 8 sentences of my main character’s fever-dream…

I could give you context for this story…but I think it’s more fun if I don’t, so…

On to the WIPpeting!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is November 8, 2017.
  • I have 8 sentences for you today, for the day.

Tangled and Useless

It was he, in Kaivelt’s guise, taking from her that which she meant only for her Solemate. He was a Usurper; he took what was nay his and seeded her with his poisoned blood, so that she produced nay the beginning of her Line, but instead a tiny, twisted babe who never drew breath, never roused for his Welcoming…

Tacivaar had usurped her. As the talons and fangs of the Usurpers’ machines rent the world-mother’s skin, and drove in their anguish, so had Tacivaar pierced her while wearing Kaivelt’s guise, leading her back to the maze each time she found some hint or shadow of his true form –

Was it Kaivelt, or Tacivaar, who wanted her now?

Which of them was coming for her? She saw both, intertwined as the pattern of one of Rachyl’s weavings. What if to pull them apart was to undo her, and leave her as nothing but the strands, tangled and useless to all, even herself?

Who is having the dream?

Who are Tacivaar and Kaively?

Why is she having these dreams?

Any guesses?

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