New Foundations: #ROW80 and #12WeekYear Week 4 Midweek

Hey there!

I’m a bit late getting this update posted. Between the extra post to make my first quarterly adjustment to my 12 Week Year goals, and taking my 13 year old daughter shopping for cold-weather clothing and out to a long-belated birthday lunch (her birthday is in early July)…well, I ran out of day before I ran out of things to post!

Looking at this update feels a bit odd to me. I’ve been very busy the last few days, but the percentages of completion don’t really reflect it. I have a feeling the balance will tip somewhere around Thursday or Friday.

Some weeks are like that.

Like I said, though, I have been busy.  One of my projects was getting back to my Pixels to Platform course. I’m moving forward slowly and beginning to research my audience.

Since you’re reading this, you are a potential part of my research group…and so, I’m going to ask you a question that will help me with my learning process. No worries if you’re not inclined to answer – this isn’t a test! But if you’d like to, please feel free. And if you’d like to go one step further, and answer another question or two, just let me know – I’ve got a pretty comprehensive list to work with!

So, first the question, and then my Week 4 Midweek Progress Report.

What is your favorite book, and why do you love it?

Relationships, Family, and Home: 

Complete two chapters Stained; one Spellfire, until both are complete.

  • Stained: Began Chapter Five comments (p. 1/11); 1/2 chapters in progress.
  • Spellfire: Finished Chapter Eight (left over from last week; doesn’t count toward goal); sent to author. Highlighted Chapter Nine for commenting.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 20%

Complete five hometending rounds in study; three in bedroom; and one on porch: Weeks 4-6.

  • Porch: 1/1; bedroom 2/3.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 33%

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice thrice weekly: Weeks 4-9.

  • 1/3: More night driving, and learning how to navigate for himself.
  • Week 4 Progress: 33%

Draft Lise’s Homeschool Quarterly Report: Week 4.

  • Week 4 Progress: 0%



DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Complete Module One. Weeks 4- 5

  • Reviewed remaining Play Sheets, which deal with research and are meant to be done over time.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 50%

Complete Module Two. Weeks 4– 7. 

  • Watched first video; simmering.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 20%

Slaying SEO:

Complete 3 hours/week in this class. Weeks 4-8.

  • 15 min./3 hours completed; watched video and did intros.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 8%

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete three hours of lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night.” Weeks 4-12.

  • 15 min./3 hours completed; Lesson 6/22 in progress.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 8%

New Writing:

Trueborn: Solemates:

Plan through Character Arc – Step 8/22. Week 4.

  • Major Plot Points Sheet in progress; Step 4/22.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 15%


Write poems 2228/31. Week 4.

  • Poems completed through 24/31.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 40%

Chef Bluebeard:

Maintain/adapt media schedule: Week 4-12.

  • Maintaining is tricky – I didn’t build enough leeway or adjustment time into this schedule.
  • Simmering ways to adapt it as I move through this week.
  • Week 4 Progress: About 10%

Find/contact holiday venues; contact total of 4 businesses for POS sales. Weeks 4-6.

  • Week 4 Progress: 0%

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Samsung Health:

Complete 5K Week 10: Week 47

  • Workout made up for Friday, Oct. 20.
  • Workout made up for Monday, Oct. 21.
  • On schedule at last!
  • Week 4 Progress: 66%

Tai chi, yoga, reiki:

Tai chi: Attend class at least weekly. Weeks 4-12.

  • Week 4 Progress: 0%

Mindful Eating:

Eat a vegetable based meal Wednesday/Friday: Weeks 4-5.

  • Week 4 Progress: 0%

Personal Expression:

Return Torrid bra for refund/exchange.

  • Verified return policy and placed in my car; can return in-store, and I know several malls in my area have Torrid stores.
  • Week 4 Progress: 25%

Assess jewelry; purchase new pieces as they speak to me.

  • Finished going through my existing jewelry.
  • Week 4 Progress: 75%

Make a list of items I might enjoy adding to my collection: Week 4– 6.

  • Began simmering ideas.
  • Week 4 Progress: 75%

Evaluate wardrobe as the season changes.

Purchase snow and driving gloves: Week 4.

  • Looked for snow gloves while shopping w/Lise; no luck.
  • Week 4 Progress: 25%

ROW80: The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life.

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  1. I have a number of books I like, but for a long time my go-to was Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I was a Quality Manager at one time, and always interested in philosophy, so I always like the blend in this book. I’d take it on camping trips and reread it, pausing often to ponder. I bought many copies, because I would often gift them to people.
    As for your ROW80 progress – lots there to celebrate. Especially your daughter’s birthday.
    I’ve seen that DIY MFA site before too – how do you like it so far? Good value for money?

    • I started reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as a newlywed – but then life moved on – I haven’t finished it, but I know enough to know what you mean about the style. I’ve enjoyed books that similarly blend two seemingly disparate elements.

      One of my favorites is Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gifts From the Sea, which combines an annual beach writing retreat alone on an island with, and the shells found along the way with the different stages and phases in the life of a woman, wife, and mother. I bought my original copy for $1 at a yard sale sometime in my late teens or early 20s, and have read it every few years since. I now have it on my Kindle Cloud, and it’s about time for a reread.

      The birthday celebrating was delayed, but we had a great time. She’s fun to shop with, and I say that as a person who really doesn’t generally enjoy shopping at all.

      I’m not as far along in the Pixels to Platform class as I’d like to be – but there’s already enough material I hadn’t considered, presented in a very good format with comprehensive exercises and tools, that I’m sure it’s more than worth the investment made. As a bonus, a good deal of the material can also be used for developing my husband’s online presence, too, and that gives it added value for us.

      Thanks for helping me with my assignment, Mike.=D

  2. It’s always fun to check in and see your progress, here lots of green, steady and forward we go! Trying to decide on one favorite book takes me in a lot of directions since I’ve been a bookworm all my life. Heart of Darkness (Conrad) because while it took the hero to new destinations, the greatest journey was inner; Pillars of the Earth (Follett) because of its wonderful historic scope without ever losing the human story; anything by Hemingway, most novels by the Russians (especially the Revolutionary period); Pearl Buck. More recently, my favorite writing is what I strive for — and I wind up reading mostly genre ficton (romance, thriller, comedy), but I have a new book that I’m currently reading and really loving: Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna, well written and it tells a little of the lives of Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo. Sorry about too many words! Have a great week.

    • Hope you had a lovely trip, Beth, and that the cruise exceeded your wildest dreams. Will be by to check in with you soon, but it’s always delightful to see you.

      And please don’t think that was too many words – that was pure research gold! You even answered the next question on the list before I could ask it (which puts me one response ahead of the game for that one!).

      I haven’t read most of the books on your list – but I plan on adding them. I’ve read a bit of Hemingway, and had a serious high school flirtation with Tolstoy.

      Right now, I seem to be reading a lot more non-fiction than otherwise. I expect there will be something of a shift for the winter months – there usually is, for me. Longer nights seem to beg storytelling….a long tradition. =)

      Thank you for adding such a rich vein to my budding research, Beth. ❤

      • Thank you for your note back. I appreciate so much the friendships that evolve over time. Are you going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year? If yes, add me as your writing buddy (I’m bluebethley). And, truly, have a great week.

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