Reshaping My Foundations: #12WeekYear/#ROW80 Week 3 Final Update

Hey there! 

It’s time again for my 12 Week Year 1 End of Week 3//ROW80 Round 4 Update. It’s been a productive week, but, one-quarter of the way into my first “year”, I can see that what I suspected at the outset is true – I have too many goals.

Not as many too many as I’ve often had in the past, but my reach is just slightly too far ahead of my grasp. I’m focused, but I seem to be falling a bit short each week, which is a clear sign that I need to dial things back a bit for Year Two.

Of course, that’s still 9 weeks away. So, I’m going to take this week to go through my Year One goals, and lighten them up a little. The point, after all, is to learn to set goals that are a challenge, but are also attainable. If I can’t make the goal with genuine focused effort…the goal needs to shift a bit.

The beauty is that there will be another “year” after this one – and then another, and another, and another. I can grow incrementally, and, even if it’s not as fast as I might prefer, I am doing better than I was when my goals extended over a 52 Week Year rather than a 12 Week Year, which gives me a lot more opportunity to adjust things.

I’ve decided I’m going to do this every quarter-“year.” That way, I won’t start floundering, and lose my momentum because my goals are just a bit too much. And, if I’ve set my bar too low, I can add a bit.

Do you  adjust your goals periodically, or stay the course once you’ve set them?

Week 3 Action Plan Final:

  • Blue, with overstrike: COMPLETED!

  • Green: In Progress.

  • Black: Not Yet Begun

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete three chapters Spellfire; one Stained. Weeks: 34.

  • Spellfire: Chapter Eight; 3/3; page 16/24 in progress.
  • Stained: No progress.
  • Week 3 progress: About 70%.

Complete five hometending rounds on porch; three in study; and one in bedroom: Week 3.

  • 5/5 porch; 3/3 study.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!

Facilitate Jeremiah’s driving practice twice weekly: Week-3.

  • Replaced my lost license, so I can legally take him out; and discussed with him.
  • Night driving early Friday morning and late evening; 2/2 complete.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!


DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform:

Complete Modules One and Two; watch first video for Module Three: Week 3.

  • Module One: reread transcript for Video Two; completed Play Sheet 1/3.  Read through Sheets 2 and 3; they will be done over time.
  • Week 3 progress: about 30%

Slaying SEO:

Begin class: Week 3.

  • Course began Saturday; read first offerings on group page; simmering.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!

How To Revise Your Novel:

Complete three hours of lessons, using “On Any Tuesday Night.Weeks 3-12.

  • 3/3 hours completed. Lesson 6/22 Character Sharpening: All materials read and printed; early progress: p 1/82, line 10-11 in progress.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!

New Writing:


Complete The Story Toolkit Planning elements through Supporting Characters (Step 7/22): Week 3.

  • Section 2/22 (Worldbuilding) completed. Detouring into Main Character Development from The Writers’ Coloring Book before going back to these; completed 5 Personality Worksheets.
  • Week 3 progress: about 30%

OctPoWriMo 2017:

Complete poems 15-21. Week 3. 

  • 21/31 completed.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!

Chef Bluebeard: 

Maintain/adapt media schedule: Week 3-12.

  • Spent about 2 hours on website development.
  • Off target; did nothing for this Tues, Wed, Fri, or Saturday. Still adjusting to new schedule; it’s not habit yet.
  • Week 3 progress: about 45%

Contact three venues and three stores for sales. Week 3.

  • Emailed 1/3 stores and 1/3 venues; heard back from venue contact; will speak again after January 1. She’s an event coordinator, and might really help to fill out our 2018 schedule.
  • Week 3 progress: About 33%

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Samsung Health:

Complete 5K Week 10: Week 37

  • 32 min. Makeup workout from Monday, October 16: 5 min. warmup; 4 min jogging at 4.66mph; 1 min walking at 3.1 mph; 8 jogging; 4 walking; 4 jogging; 1 walking; 5 min. cooldown. Jogged 100% first interval; about 50% of intervals 2 and 3. First time with these intervals.
  • 31 min. Makeup workout from Wednesday, October 18: 5 min. warmup; 8 min jogging at 4.7mph; 2 min walking at 3.1 mph; 8 jogging; 2 walking; 5 min. cooldown. Jogged 100% first interval; about 66% of interval. Longest continuous interval to date.
  • Still 1 workout behind schedule (will be caught up after Sunday‘s run; doing 2 days on, 1 off till caught up.
  • Week 3 action COMPLETED!

Tai chi, yoga, reiki:

Tai chi: Attend class twice weekly; either Monday evening, or Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoons: Weeks 1-12.

  • Took Thursday off due to fatigue from catching up workouts, and needing to take care of some personal business.
  • Week 3 progress: 0%

Cook and eat vegetable based meals.

Cook two vegetable based meals; Wednesday/Friday: Weeks 3-5.

  • Week 3 progress: 0%

Personal Expression:

Purchase three new bras.

Send back Torrid bra; research through HerRoom/Cacique; order 1: Week 3.

New bras are here. Not thrilled with the Just My Size (fits, but very low quality; you get what you pay for). LOVE the Goddess sports bra…LOVE! Supportive, comfortable, and even pretty-ish! That’s a lot for a large-size working bra!

  • I’ll close out this goal as soon as I’ve sent the Torrid bra back from whence it came.
  • Week 3 progress: 90%

Assess jewelry; purchase new pieces as they speak to me.

Go through rest of the jewelry I already have; save and/or discard as I choose: Week 1- 3.

  • Week 3 progress: 0%

Evaluate  wardrobe as the season changes.

Research snow and driving gloves online: Week 2-4.

  • Week 3 progress: 50%





  1. Like Chris, I am exhausted or impressed by turns by your goals. I think it will be good for you to find where you can scale back–as you say, the goals should be a stretch but still attainable.

    I do change my goals when they aren’t working for me, especially when they are too much of a stretch. It’s also nice when they are too easy, and I get to add something. 🙂

    I’ll have to look into the 12-week year–it seems to be working well for you.

    • It really is – although I haven’t done the whole process. I wanted to, but the round snuck up on me.

      I did revamp my goals. Didn’t drop any, but scaled a few back a bit, and adapted action plans.

      I will get it worked out. Might take a few “years,” but learning takes time sometimes. =)

  2. Thank you so much for the idea to research the 12-week-year. I have read it and now need to go through it again. It is not super simple, but I so love the idea. The list of goals you have still look overwhelming to me, I am impressed with all you do in a week’s time. Congratulations for all your insight into what you can do, that is as important as getting the goals finished!

  3. I know that I for one have mentioned that you seem to have an exorbitant number of goals.
    I have a co-worker who changes up our increments at work. At 3:45, when we all say, “another hour and 15 minutes of work!”, she be like “that’s only 15 minutes, five times over”.
    Hope this works for you!

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