“It Is Not My Name”: #SoCS for October 21, 2017

“Pepperpot, you gotta let me go –”

“What is the meaning of that nomenclature, Trip?”


“On several occasions, you have addressed me as ‘Pepperpot.’ It is not my name.”

“If I promise to tell you after I use the head, will you let me go do that before I embarrass myself?”

“Only if you promise to tell me immediately after.”

“You drive a hard bargain, Pepperpot. Do I get to wash my hands first?”

“That depends.”

“On what?”

“Upon whether you wish to touch me while you –“

“Yes, I want to touch you. Haven’t you figured it out yet? I pretty much ALWAYS want to touch you.”

“Humans tend to be unpredictable. I can’t simply discount the possibility that you will at some point choose not to touch me.”

“Not in here, when we’re off duty, and no one’s watching but us chickens.”

“We’re not chickens, Trip –“

“I know that, T’Pol.”

“There have also been many occasions when you haven’t wanted to touch me or be in close proximity to me.”

“Damn. Now I can’t walk away and leave you here with that look in your eyes. C’mere. I didn’t understand you – what you needed, and how you Vulcans….well, tick, when it comes to this kind of thing. Now that I know, and know what you need – honestly, I find it pretty damned sexy, how much you want to touch and be touched, even if your kind of touching is different from what I fumbled around with as a kid. Just makes you more challenging – and I like a challenge.”



“Why do you call me ‘Pepperpot’ when it’s not my name?”

“We had a deal. I tell you AFTER I pee – unless you’d rather I just let go right here and now.”

“I would NOT.”

“Then keep your shirt on a minute. Be right back.”

“I’m not wearing a shirt.”

“Or anything else. It’s a figure of speech.”

“It hurts my ears when you speak loudly from that distance –“

“What’d you say? Couldn’t hear you.”

“Please refrain from raising your voice. I can hear you perfectly.”

“Sometimes I forget these are as functional as they are pretty. Sorry.”

“Have you washed your hands?”

“I wouldn’t be touching your sexy ears if I hadn’t. I’m a gentleman, remember.”

“That depends on how one defines ‘gentleman.’ You’re breaking your promise.”

“What – oh. The ‘Pepperpot’ thing.”

“Yes. As you say,’ the Pepperpot thing.’”

“It’s a nickname.”

“Vulcans don’t employ nicknames.”

“Well, humans do. It’s a sign of affection to give one’s lover – or mate, in your case – a nickname. Besides, T’Pol is a bit formal for in here.”

“It’s my name, Trip.”

“Yup. The same one everyone else calls you, out there. We need something special for in here.”

“Everyone aboard calls you Trip.”

“Yeah, but you don’t need to give me a nickname. Your terms fit: t’hy’la, ashayam. But, much as I love you, you’re not a sweetheart, a darling, or a dear. I wouldn’t like you nearly as much if you were.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Look up those words later; you’ll see I’m right. But you ARE a little like pepper. Spicy, potent, versatile, enchanting – and sometimes, you even make me sneeze.”

“That is a falsehood.”

“That’s true – but if variety is the spice of life, woman, you’re still my favorite seasoning.”

I’ve had a tricky time posting here the last few weeks. Life has been interesting, with many new things, and growing things, and learning things. But today I have an unexpected day off, and, while I’m deep in two ongoing courses and a brand-new class, plus doing the administration and marketing for my husband’s hot sauce business, plus planning and plotting my NaNoWriMo novel…I decided to come and spend a little time exploring Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness waters. You can dip your toes into other posts, or wade in yourself.

This week’s prompt is “season/seasoning”, either as the words, or using seasonings, with bonus points for beginning and/or ending with seasonings or the prompt words.

And, as always, the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I make no money from them – I simply love them enough to share them! =D




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