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Hello there, fellow WIPpeteers – and, to those just along for the ride – welcome! Hop in, get comfy…but don’t leave popcorn in the center seat!

I didn’t post here last week, for good reason. Chef Bluebeard and I had our first romantic getaway, just the two of us. The kids, 16 and 13, were excited to stay home alone while we went to Maine. Although there were a couple of complications, they did very well. They were happy to see us come home, but both said they’re okay with us going away again.

They’re growing up, and becoming adults, and it’s reassuring to see that all the things they’ve been learning are there for them to count on when they need them.

But now, on to the WIPpeting!

It’s time for another installment of my TnT fan fiction story, adapted from Humanity’s Enterprise https://www.fanfiction.net/u/3623108/. It’s a patchwork of stories, written in different styles, at different times, and for different projects. I’m slowly figuring out how to pull them all together into a coherent whole that explores just how and why T’Pol was the one Vulcan chosen to accompany Enterprise NX-01 on her maiden voyage.

I’ve decided to use this story, once revision gets to a point I’m comfortable with, as my intiation into Wattpad. So please don’t hesitate to let me know if something’s not working for you – it will make a better story in the long run!


Trip’s poor treatment of the new Vulcan Science Officer has been noticed by Communications Officer Hoshi Sato – and she’s not happy with him. More, she’s willing to do something about it.

Here’s the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I don’t make money from them; I just love them, and I tell the stories they give me as well as I can.

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is October 18, 2017.
  • I have 3 paragraphs for you today. Why three? I added the digits of the date (1+8=9); then took the square root of the sum, which is 3.

“Before We Launch”

“That could wreck my entire career, Hoshi. You’d do that to me, just because I wasn’t nice to her? A Vulcan?”

“Yes, sir. I would. You’re a senior officer; you’ve had training in dealing with crewmates from other cultures. You’re supposed to know how to behave, Commander Tucker. If you don’t, Starfleet Command should know about it – before we launch.” Hoshi’s face said that she meant every single word she was saying. Trip wasn’t going to talk her into being okay with the way he’d treated the Vulcan Surprise Package, no matter how infuriating she was. And, now that he thought about it, she was completely right. He should be reprimanded. Maybe Jon should, too, but Hoshi hadn’t seen that bit.  And he wasn’t going to tell her; Jon was his best friend.

“Hang on a minute.” He was already turning around by the time he got to the end of the sentence. He marched himself right back up the step and around the corner to the Science Station. Was it his imagination, or did Miss I’m Turning My Back On You And Your Handshake look more than a little stressed and confused? Had it upset her, the way he talked to her? If so, why? What logical reason could there be for her to care?

What does Trip intend to do?

Will Hoshi do as she’s threatened?

Is T’Pol stressed and upset?

If so, why?

Any guesses?

If you enjoyed this snippet, and want something more before next Wednesday, you can pop over to my fanfiction.net page.

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  1. Yeah, hotheaded. I was trying to figure out why I was prepared to forgive Trip for the sort of behaviour I wouldn’t normally tolerate, and I think it’s just that. Once he blows off steam, he sees reason. Plus, he’s hot, and I’m shallow. 😉

    • That last line made me grin!

      For me, it’s that Trip is honestly a nice guy. He goes pretty fast from being rude to T’Pol to a more benign form of teasing – something Archer never really does.

      Also, since I know how things turn out…I can forgive him if T’Pol can (and she probably doesn’t see it the same way, anyway, being Vulcan).

  2. Trip should definitely have a chat with T’pol, talk about the differences between their two cultures, and then realize that they are totally into each other 🙂

    • The beginning of him being a better man than his Captain, at least where T’Pol is concerned. Not that he isn’t going to get good and mad at her again and again….but he’s not going to be as nasty about it, and he’s going to be fair to the extent he can be.

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