Foundations of Growth: Where ROW80 Meets the 12 Week Year

As we move into the final months of the year, I’m trying a new approach to goal-setting and attainment – The 12-Week Year. I’ll have more details on the hows and whys of this change in my upcoming sponsor post. For now, though, let’s get on with the goals, shall we?

Relationships, Family, and Home:

Complete beta readings for Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood (giving back and paying forward).

  • I enjoy giving back to and supporting my fellow writers, and deepen my understanding of revisions by assisting others. I also spread goodwill that may return to me when I need extra eyes and/or detailed readings, myself.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each of these books by giving myself an evening of leisure to cap off the effort expended.

Declutter/clean/ organize porch; my side of bedroom; and my study; making these spaces useful and tidy.

  • I function better, and am more inspired, in a tidier environment. As cooler weather settles in, I’ll be home more. I want the entry to our home and my personal spaces to be useful and embracing.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each area by spending some time in it – reading, journaling, having a cup of coffee, listening to music – just some time to quietly and privately enjoy what I’ve accomplished.

Complete required homeschool obligations, including facilitating Jeremiah’s driving practice.

  • Completing the requirements is the price paid for our lifestyle. Jeremiah’s driving will help him become a safe and conscientious driver– a crucial step on his path to adulthood.

  • I’ll celebrate the completion/submission of the reports with an evening of relaxation once the reports have been emailed (prior to December 1, 2017). I’ll celebrate assisting Miah by continuing to enjoy our time together, and sprinkling adventures along the way.


Complete the DIY-MFA Pixels to Platform Course and Montoya Digital Marketing’s upcoming SEO course, and devote 3 hours weekly to How to Revise Your Novel.

  • It’s time to build the foundations of my writing career upon the bedrock of knowledge.
  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each course with an hour or two of reflection/brianstorming/dreaming accompanied by a beverage of my choice. I’ll celebrate completing each week’s revision time with an Enterprise episode or fanfiction hour.

Plan, plot, and draft one fantasy novel (Trueborn: Solemates), and write a poem a day for OctPoWriMo.

  • Writers write, and I will keep that top of mind as I develop the non-drafting aspects of my writing career.
  • I’ll celebrate the completion of each stage of the novel creation by reading one work of fiction from my Kindle library, and purchasing another (because books!). I’ll celebrate the completion of my OctPoWriMo challenge by compiling the poems and associated drawings into a rough chapbook.

Increase sales of Chef Bluebeard/related products and services to $750/week.

  • Helping my Accomplice attain his goals makes me a better Accomplice, and adds depth and texture to our marriage. Also, we all have to eat, and like having things like electricity and the internet.

  • I’ll celebrate the attainment of this income level with Jim, and with the kids, in a way that will be relevant for us all…since I won’t be the only one involved in this, I don’t want to be the only one determining the nature of that celebration.

Health, Fitness, and Spirituality:

Complete the 5K Training Samsung Health, and begin the 10K program, outdoors or at indoor tracks.

  • I want to be fit and mobile a as I age, and I enjoy the challenge of training. I feel better when I’m regularly increasing my fitness levels.
  • I’ll celebrate the end of the 5K Training with the purchase of 2 pound hand weights and running socks, and the end of the 12 Week Year 10K training by investigating 5K races for 2018.

Attend tai chi class twice weekly, health and weather permitting, and explore yoga and reiki at ReVibe.

  • For me, mindfulness is an integral element of fitness. I enjoy this peaceful community, and the beauty, challenge, and discipline these forms require as I develop deeper spiritual awareness.
  • I’ll celebrate this goal – by doing it! The doing will be its own reward, each time.

Cook a vegetable based meal or snack 3 times weekly.

  • I love nearly all vegetables, but tend to forget to prepare and eat them. This can be as simple as baking a sweet potato, or as elaborate as I care to get.

  • I’ll celebrate attaining this goal by going out to enjoy a vegetarian meal.

Personal Expression:

Purchase three new bras from three sources, and evaluate.

  • I, uh, haven’t bought new bras in five years, and, needless to say, it’s far past time I did! I want to explore, and find the best fit and style for my taste and needs.
  • I’ll celebrate attaining this goal by retiring my existing bras – and by getting one more of whichever is my favorite of the new three.

Assess my jewelry and other accessories, and purchase new pieces under $20 as they speak to me.

  • I often forget I have jewelry I love, and hang onto pieces that no longer speak to me. Aquiring a pretty here and there, and wearing them, lifts my mood and my self-image.
  • I’ll celebrate the attainment of this goal by finding and purchasing a more efficient place to store my pretty little treasures when I’m not wearing them.

Evaluate my wardrobe as the season changes, purchasing a second pair of jeans; gloves; and other items as needed.

  • I tend to forget/deprioritize buying clothing (see bra goal above!).
  • I’ll celebrate this one by enjoying my new, well-fitting clothing!

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  1. Love the way you have a celebration built in for each item! Funny, I hear you on the jewellery — mine;s all in little boxes and things and I forget half of what I own and never make the time in the mornings to go through and pick out a piece or two to wear.
    Good luck!

    • The celebration is part of the 12 Week Year process…and I think I need it, because I tend to rush on to the next thing without stopping to catch my breath and survey the terrain.

      When it comes to jewelry, I fall victim to being the no-fuss type. I usually only wear my wedding rings (since I’ve been wearing them for 20 years, they really don’t come off). I tend to forget I even have other jewelry, and it tends to get stuck in boxes and forgotten.

      Time to do something about that, because pretty things should be enjoyed! =)

    • I bought my last two on February 14, 2012. I remember, because it was just before my husband’s major motorcycle/deer collision.

      I bought the first new one today. So comfortable, I went back into the dressing room after paying, and put it back on! Ever since, I keep looking down, and thinking “WHOA – how’d they get WAY UP HERE!?”

      It was way past time!

    • Thanks to Lauren and The 12 Week Year! It’s going to take a little getting used to, and I don’t have all the components in place quite yet – but it makes so much sense to me!

      Hoping we all have an amazing round!

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