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Monday Morning Coffee” has been with me since I was sixteen. A local boy with schizophrenia wandered away from his family at a large outdoor event. Several days later, he was found, deceased.

From that story came this one – the connection might not be clear to anyone but me – but it’s there.


Rose is at work on a Monday morning, exploring the gift given to her by a shabbily dressed man, when she discovers something unexpected – a hundred dollar bill folded into the shape of a thorn and containing a message whose first line read, “Your kindness went beyond guilt, or a token gesture, and has touched me deeply.” Now, the rest of the message…

“Nearest the Fireplace”

I’d like to learn more of you. If you wish, you may meet me at 6pm this Friday, at the address below. I’ll be at the table nearest the fireplace. The money, I leave you as a gift; do with it what you will. I have less need of it than you might suspect.

With gratitude to my fellow human,

Lost Jeremy.”

The address is for Scrimshaw, one of the finer restaurants in this part of the city, notable for its large koi pool and the real trees, strung with tiny lights, that grow in its covered arboretum.

Does Jeremy need the money?

Will he appear at Scrimshaw?

Will Rose?

Why does he want to meet her there?

Any guesses?

Monday Morning Coffee” was originally published in the 2015 edition of World Unknown Review. Since I retain all rights beyond first publication, I intend to revise the story and use it as my initial self-published offering.

I’m pushing up against the deadline for posting, yet again… eventually, I’m going to find ways to blend the creation of this new business, and my writing. I’m certain of it – but it’s still all very new, and I tend to find myself scrambling to get things done more than I would like, at this point.

It’s in a good cause. After a few weeks plateau, business-wise, we’re back in a growth phase, as we shift from farmer’s markets to craft fairs, and expanding into the retail market. It’s exciting – and, for me (the marketing/branding/design/business administrator), it’s also a LOT of learning as I go.

We’re nearing the end of Rose and Jeremy’s story now – and I’ve given almost no thought at all to what I’ll share next (except that, as I typed that, I had an idea!). Stay tuned…if it turns out to be one I still like in a week or two, I’ll reveal it then.

Until next week, may you and yours be well!

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  1. Calling her ‘my fellow human’ cut off one line of conjecture . . . but then, I write science fiction, so maybe you can figure out the direction of my thoughts.

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