Coffee at the Craft Fair: #weekendcoffeeshare for September 23, 2017

If we were having coffee, we’d be having it in the local American Legion field, enjoying a hot but breezy day at our booth at the local craft fair. I’d invite you to sample Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces, and ask if you like the way the table’s set up. You see, we’ve just doubled the size of our table, and added some embellishments, and feedback is always welcome.

I’d also tell you that life has continued to move at warp speed. Not only are we still doing farmer’s markets as we shift some of our energy to craft fairs and fall festivals, and I work on our gift buckets (not baskets, galvanized blue pails) and designing magnets, banners, and our business website, in addition to kicking up my activity level, planning a special series of blogposts for October, and taking courses and classes to build my knowledge base – both for the hot sauce business and for furthering my writing career.

Oh, and there’s that matter of the new teen driver in my life…

So our coffee is here, al fresco. I’ve offered you my chair in the shady place under the canopy. I might need to stop at any point to take care of a sale. It’s quiet here right now, but we’ve had a flurry of activity and sales, which is nice.

Our tiny little newborn business is starting to find its place…and I nearly lost mine, as we had another sale. We’re up to 8 bottles for the day, now, with just under an hour and a quarter left to this event. That’s significantly more than we’ve been selling at the Saturday market we had been doing – for the last two weeks, we didn’t make back our space rental there.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that it’s fascinating to me, the way this business is evolving. We’re haven’t borrowed any money to fund it, so the growth has been gradual, as we learn, research markets, have experiences, and learn again…

We’d been in a bit of a plateau since we went from one small market a week to three early in August. But this week, we’ve made some forward leaps – into craft fairs, adding UPC labels so we can market our sauces in stores, the new signage you can see on our larger table, and a banner to announce our business to those who pass by.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this is a twofold learning process for me. Within the next year or two, I’ll be ready to start self-publishing, and, before that point, I need to learn how to market myself and my writing. Because I was raised not to “brag,” I have trouble with the idea of “tooting my own horn.” On the other hand, it’s easy to sell my Accomplice. We’ve been married for 20 years, I believe in him, and as his wife, I feel it’s part of our partnership for me to laud his skills. I began when we were newlyweds, and I wrote his resume and cover letter, and doing so for this new venture, which is his passion, makes me feel happy and connected to my mate.

So I’m using the business marketing to ease my way into marketing myself as a writer.

I see you’ve just about finished your coffee, and we’ve only got another half hour before the craft fair ends. I’m sure you;ve noticed that a lot of the vendors are packing up and leaving – something I really don’t understand. If a market runs till 4PM, I’m generally going to stay until 4PM, and then start breaking down. Maybe it’s a little different for the vendors who have a lot to break down – as you can see, we really don’t at this point – but some are smallish, and scoot out quite early, which seems a bit defeatist.

But now the event is officially over, and we’re just about ready to scoot over to the grocery store, then home. Another early day tomorrow, this time for a farmer’s market. The season for those is winding down – just a couple of weeks left to go. I’ll miss them; but the craft fairs and festivals will fill the void.

While we finish up, how about you tell me about your week, or anything else that’s on your mind?

This is my round at the #weekendcoffeeshare blog hop. To share a virtual drink and catch up with other coffee share participants, join in!

See you next weekend!

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