#lifeonespresso for #weekendcoffeeshare, September 9,2017

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I can’t remember the last time I had an uneventful week! I seem to be living #lifeonespresso these days (if that’s not a hashtag, it should be!)

Some of this week’s highlights:


  • It rained. Hard. All Day. We got the remnants of Harvey, not the brunt of the storm. I send blessings to all those who had much worse to contend with than a roof that drips in hard rain. I’m sitting on reasonably high ground in upstate New York; I’m not complaining.


  • Jim and I went out for a few hours. We did laundry, some preliminary canvassing for a sectional sofa that will hold four adult-sized Burtons, and going out to eat, just the two of us, which still feels a bit like playing hooky! Our son Jeremiah, who turned 16 on Saturday, making him eligible for his learner’s permit. He gathered necessary paperwork, reviewed the driver’s manual he downloaded to his phone a few months ago, and retook some practice tests while we were gone, and had things pretty well in line by the time we got home. He filled me in on what I had to fill in, so to speak. He’s had his sights set on driving since he was 11…that’s a lot of personal motivation! =)


  • There were a lot of people at the DMV after the holiday weekend, but Jeremiah had everything in order, so it was a breeze. His paperwork was processed, his photo taken, his cell phone turned over to me (I don’t think it would have occurred to him to cheat; he’s a very honest sort), and he went into the testing room.He emerged only a few minutes later, having aced the test – 0 incorrect answers! He said there were no questions that he didn’t see in the practice tests. After, we got pizza – passing a permit test as a 16 year old boy is hungry work, apparently  – and he had his first ever experience behind the wheel in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He was nervous and thought he did poorly, but I told him he was pretty good for a first-timer. I don’t think I added any silver hairs. Those are more likely to come from my daughter, who’s more prone to taking risks. =)


  • Jim’s car was ready at the shop – and our new fridge was delivered! The old one was 2 years old when we moved into our house; and the 16 year old mentioned above was 4 months old then! It served well, but it’s ready for a life of semi-retirement, holding the components for Chef Bluebead’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces. Jim and I picked up the car, then went to the Y. I’d planned to use the track, since it was raining again, but it was closed, so I walked in and around the neighboring mall. After, we stopped at a salad place for lunch, then Jim grabbed a few groceries while I bought new running shoes.


  • Jeremiah and I came back from our walk, an hour before the skies opened up in a potent thunderstorm. After it was over, I found two soggy boxes at the end of the walkway. The base components for our hot sauce gift buckets in the making had arrived, and I set up two prototypes (small and large). Miah observed that they seemed a little too dark. I decided tissue paper and lighter trims would help, along with the magnets I’m still designing. We decided to combine the shopping expedition with a driving practice session. Just as we got to the intersection for the plaza, Jeremiah realized he’d forgotten his wallet, and thus his permit. So we did the shopping, had a snack, then returned home to pick up his wallet and head to the parking lot of the local school. He was more confident and willing to experiment on his second attempt, and is developing a sense of the car’s operations. Just as he was finishing up, another storm rolled in, and we sat and watched the edges of a very low, heavy cloud roiling, breaking apart, and producing rain. It was amazing, beautiful, and a little terrifying. When the storm passed, I drove the few miles home, and saw a double rainbow on the steep hill on our country road. Once we were home, Jim told me that a local country store is willing to carry Chef Bluebeard’s sauces – our first store placement, and a huge step for our tiny little newborn company!


  • I’m pleasantly achy, since I just finished my final walk in my #couchto5K program (I needed to finish by the end of the weekend, so I’ve done over 3 miles 3 days in a row, twice with my new hand weights and running shoes. It’s slated to be a quieter day, as Jim and I gear up for Chef Bluebeard’s first-ever Tugboat Roundup on the Erie Canal. I love this event, and am looking forward to the unofficial kickoff of the fall festival/craft fair season.

Well, I’ve said plenty, and now I really do want to hear about your week. =) Has it been #lifeonespresso, a lazy Sunday morning cuppa, or somewhere in between?

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  1. You have had a busy week! Ours has been a bit more relaxed, until yesterday, and going to one of the local fairs. Today we’ve got church(we haven’t gone for a few weeks), maybe some brunch, then grocery shopping(and maybe a stop at the used book store. my favorite place). Next weekend’s our anniversary, but I don’t know how much we’ll do since we’re going out of town the weekend after. October should be a slower month.

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