Growth’s KISS: September 3, 2017

Hey there!

It’s a brand new month. Yesterday, I became the mother of someone legally old enough to drive.

On Tuesday, I’ll be taking him to the DMV to take his permit test. Once he passes, my life’s going to include helping him learn the things he needs to know to be a safe driver.

Which leads me to my mantra for September:

Keep It Simple.

My September goals  follow a trend I’ve been practicing for the last several months, as I learn the balance between what I want to do, and what I actually can accommodate in a busy family life, and at the budding stage of our family business.

I’m excited for new challenges, and for finishing those I’m still in the midst of…

So, here we go…on to my Keep It Simple September goals!

What growth do you plan for this month?

  • Story A Day September: Create one 333 word story for Trueborn; Solemates, and one 100-word TnT fan fiction drabble each day, to challenge prompts. Day One done; Day Two finished just past midnight. Primary goal; up to date.
  • Trueborn Series: Add 2,222 words/week to Trueborn: Foul Deeds Will Rise, until complete. Secondary goal; after StoryADay completed for day.
  • Kifo Island Series: Add 3,333 words/week to The Last House (until draft completed). Stretch goal; after other drafting goals met for day/week.

  • Story A Day September: Continue call for TnT word prompt lists. Plot as needed to achieve drafting goals. First set of prompts in play; simmering Day 3. Primary goal; good progress.
  • Trueborn: Solemates: Use daily stories for notetaking, character sketching, outlining, and other materials that will allow me to plot the novel in October. Secondary goal.

  • Other Star Trek Enterprise TnT Fan Fiction: Enterprise Early Days Arc and Cogenitor/Expanse Limbo Arc (may include new writing). Continue revisions on these projects any day I choose, if I’ve completed an hour of HTRYN. Stretch goal.

  • Explore Duotrope; compile list of 25 paying short story/novella markets. Choose 5 to research in greater depth. This is self-explanatory. Primary goal; left over from August.

  • Explore ten of the sites I have in my various email feeds; choose 3 for further exploration. Secondary goal; left over from August.

  • Fan Fiction: Post stories from Cogenitor/Expanse Limbo Arc to as revised. Stretch goal; after 5 Duotrope and 3 email sites compiled each week.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November. #weekendcoffeeshare posted; #8sunday scheduled. Missed #SoCS (may post Sunday). Primary goal; good progress.

  • October special features blogpost drafts: Revise, package, and schedule this project. Once I’ve got two weeks’ worth ready, announce the project with schedule (I do better at these things when I commit to a time frame). Secondary goal.

  • Connecting: Visit at least 3 posters/week from every hop/challenge I participate in. Visit at least two other Story A Day posters/day, on average. Touch base with other social media platforms at least once weekly. Posted a few pics from Miah’s birthday to my Instagram account. Stretch goal; modest progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 15 hours each week. 11/15 hours for blended week.Primary goal; good progress.

  • Va-Va-Video Course: Complete the three week session, and keep current with the Facebook Page 3 times/week. Watched first two videos, completed challenge, skimmed Facebook page (1/3 visits) and made my intro. Stretch goal; solid progress.

  • Hometending: Complete 1.5 hours of hometending/week. 1.75/1.5 hours for blended week.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least 8 hours physical activity/week, (including finishing Baby Steps to 5K/ beginning Run 5K programs); meditate and journal 8x/week. Activity for blended week: 11.15 /8 hours. Meditate/journal: 7/8.

  • Paying It Forward: Spend 3 hours/week on back business for local crit group (until caught up); and 3 hours/week on beta projects Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood/ related material . Crit group: 15 min/3 hours on Moon Murder Chapter 3. Betas: 3.5/3 hours for blended week, finished/returned “Patrick and Sarah” Chapter 2; highlighted Spellfire’s Kiss, Chapter 3 for commenting.

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