The Jenga of Growth: August 27, 2017

Hey there!

It’s been quite a week. I recounted the beginning of it on Wednesday, with the purchase of a 2007 Subaru Forester for my Accomplice, and the down payment on a 2005 Subaru Outback for me. When I wrote then, I was looking forward to our 20th anniversary dinner at the Plumb Oyster Bar.

Dinner was delicious. We shared two orders of asparagus prepared to perfection, and about a dozen and a half oysters of several varieties, all served on the half shell. We ended the meal by sharing crème brulee and carrot cake, and left pleasantly full.

Thursday afternoon, I purchased a website for Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces. It’s not active yet, but getting the basics done and taking it live are high on my agenda for the coming week…

Because Thursday wasn’t exciting enough with that huge step, Jim was experiencing abdominal pain all day, and, at around 11 PM, it got intense enough that we decided to go to the emergency room rather than take the chance that he had an appendix getting ready to burst. So that’s where we spent the night after our 20th anniversary – to ultimately learn that the probable culprit was his gall bladder having a disagreement with our celebratory dinner the night before.

On Friday, we took Jim’s Forester, which is a bit of a fixer-upper, to the shop, along with our elderly Legacy wagon, which will become an automotive organ donor – we gave it to the owner of the shop to part out at his discretion. We then went to Pizza Hut in my new Outback, making sure there was plenty of pie to bring home, because, after all, we have teenagers! =)

Saturday was Early Market Day #1, and today was Day #2, along the Erie Canal, which is why I’m only now getting to this post.

As for the name, I found a Jenga block in the backseat of my new car when we first saw it. I claimed it as name and talisman for my “Shuttlepod Two.” It also makes for a good explanation of the kind of week we had.

So, after all that…how was YOUR week?

Eventful, or mellow?

  • Trueborn Series: Add 3,333 words/week to Foul Deeds Will Rise (until draft completed). 2,062/3,333. Primary goal; good progress.

Here, on the Trueborn’s Ledge, where Niaan had once insisted that she remain to watch her Kaivelt’s stars, he made of himself a tool for Shinjao’s hunting – and made of her, at the same time, a tool for his own.

When he woke, it was the pearly sky that precedes dawn. The air was chill with silvered frost, and the last embers of the Welcoming fire flitted below. The places where the three pyres had been were only piles of charred remains; even their scent had been dampened down by the air, so that it was a lingering overlay to the scent of a coming storm.

Perhaps she should expect nothing else, on a ship commanded by a Terran who had openly professed a desire to “knock her on her ass”. She was still uncertain of the precise meaning of the colloquialism, but there was no doubt that it had been hostile.

  • Blogging: Revise/maintain regular blogging schedule for August and September. Outline/draft working schedule for October/November. WIPpet and #SoCS/#8sunday done; Primary goal; some progress,

  • Other Platforms: Spend 3 hours/week with my Facebook Writer page; Instagram, Pinterest, and Patreon. Continue with Twitter #writingcrew and #AllStarTrek sprints/chats regularly. Dabble in other social media (LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Wattpad, etc.) 1 hour/week. 1/3 hours; .5/1 hour; Quora. Stretch goal; some progress.

  • Chef Bluebeard’s Flavor Enhancement Sauces: Assist my Accomplice with his business 11 hours each week. 22/11 hours; organization of new purchases; purchased and chose theme for website; acquiring/repairing cars; Saturday market. Primary goal EXCEEDED for this week!

  • Hometending: 1 hour home/yardtending each week. Adapted goal COMPLETED for this week.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least six hours of physical activity/week, catch up Baby Steps to 5K (currently 2 weeks/6 workouts behind; meditate and journal daily. Activity 7.7hr/6 hours; BSto5K: 2/6 workouts made up, with two weeks left to catch up. Meditated every day but one/journaled every day. Good progress; adapted goal.

  • Paying It Forward: Spend 3 hours/week on back business for local crit group; and 2 hours/week on beta projects Spellfire’s Kiss and Stained Blood. Finished a chapter for crit group member; Chapter Two of SK: p.6/11 completed.

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  1. Congrats on the progress and the new vehicles! Happy Anniversary! 20 is awesome. We’re coming up on 17. 🙂

    I’m sorry you guys had the medical scare right after your anniversary, but I’m glad it turned out to be nothing serious. Sounds like you guys had a lot of adventure this week.

  2. It’s definitely been an eventful week for you and still some nice progress there. My week was pretty mellow, until the weekend showed up. Weekends should be settling down after Labor Day and weekdays will be rather quiet with the kids back in school now.

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