Birthday Out on a Limb: #weekendcoffeeshare and #SoCS

Well, by the time I finish this post, it won’t be Saturday or my birthday anymore, but, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you that yesterday was both.

It was also a rather momentous day, in small but personally monumental ways.

You see, I went out on a limb – in a good way.

After months of putting it off, coming to play for a bit here and there, and then going away again, I’ve launched my Patreon page.

My Birthday Leap of Faith! Yup, virtual confetti was definitely in order!

I think I was more afraid of doing well with it, of having people I know, and maybe even people I don’t know yet, offer funds to support my writing dreams. It’s not that I don’t think I’m worth it….not exactly.

It’s bound up in a lot of things said by my parents when I was growing up. Things like “don’t act conceited” that make it tricky to go ahead and “toot my own horn.” Things like attitudes of prosperous people ingrained through my early life. “Rich people are just greedy.”

Since I began taking my writing seriously, and building very gradually (and somewhat hesitantly) toward a writing career, I’ve found that I’m more at the mercy of those old ideas than I’d like to be.

But yesterday I turned 48, and it’s past time to find the way to let them go, replace them with better thoughts – thoughts that can lead to more prosperity – for myself and my family, who have had a very lean year, and so that I’ll have more resources to share with others.

My very first patron…happy birthday to me, and a commitment to honor!

More than that, though – I’ll be finally proving that, when my father was wrong when he insisted that if I didn’t want to be a journalist, I’d only be “just existing,” and that wanting to earn a living with my writing was only a “pipe dream.” I don’t want to prove it to him –

I need to prove it to myself.

It may seem like I’m going out on a limb – but, really, I’m not.

I’m claiming my life, and the skills I’ve built over decades of writing, the vast majority offered for free to anyone who wanted it. I will still offer that; I love my fan fiction community, and sharing generously.

It’s scary-exciting, to have done this thing.

But it was the right thing to do.

Have you ever felt that way?

My Patreon page is here.

This post has been a joint venture for Part-Time Monster’s #weekendcoffeeshare, and Linda G.Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS), where the weekly prompt was “limb.”



    • Since you’ve got things published and I’ve yet to do more than a few short stories in others’ anthologies, I think that could be debatable.

      We each can get brave in our own ways, and our own times. =D

      But thank you for your kind words!

  1. I got the “pipe dream” talk, too. From my stepmother. I should go into editing. Her and my dad were so happy when I went to college for psychology. And I ended up burning out 3 years into it. Never did finish my degree. Should have stuck with writing from the beginning(though I did love learning different things from my college classes).

    • I also loved psychology and seriously considered it…but then I read about the high suicide rates among therapists overwhelmed with their patients’ problems…

      And I know I’m very empathetic. I would take those problems on as my personal burden – that’s just my nature.

      I’ve done many other things, since those days, but, like you – writing was “it” all along.

      And, yup – learning is an amazing thing to do – in college or anywhere!

      Thank you for your support in all the ways, Fallon….and, more importantly, for your long-distance friendship, which is even more valuable. I should be able to repay you by getting back to your betas by the end of this week (after the IHIPs have been drafted/submitted).

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