Luck Blooms…Like Tribbles? June 14, 2017

Hi there! Do you feel lucky?

I do.

Last night at about 10:30, my fifteen year old son and I were on the local interstate, headed home from grocery shopping, when there was a loud clunk and the car veered from the far right lane, where I generally drive, to the far left.

Money has been something of an issue the last year or so. This may be the end of my beloved and elderly Outback.

I still feel lucky.

We could have been killed.

That we weren’t is maybe a combination of the hour and the decision to shop after the heat eased with darkness, so a road very busy during peak hours had no other traffic where we were. Or that I got my license in upstate New York in late November. That early experience had me instinctively steering into the skid, carefully applying brakes, and then somehow guiding the car back across three lanes, with something underneath that turned out to be a control arm broken and scraping.

Or maybe divine intervention. Whatever the reason, we’re safe. Two officers came and added their lights and assistance to make things safer. Because of smartphones, Jim was already on his way to us. We didn’t tip so much as a single bag of groceries.


Now, a few words about my goals…I’ve been changing things up this month, after feeling a bit too much overwhelm in recent months, as I always seemed to have more things to do by far than available time, energy, and attention to give them.

I’m now keeping only two major projects going at any one time. One of these is JuNoWriMo, a 50k/30 day challenge for which I’m creating a stock of blogpost drafts – something I’ve been wanting to do for years. The second changes as I complete items. First it was prepping my StoryFest piece, then working out the kinks in my Accomplice’s hot sauce labels. Now it’s the kids’ homeschool reports and ordering testing materials. After that, completing my revision lesson in progress, and so on.

I also keep 3-5 side projects going for the less intensive times.

So far, it’s working well. I know where I need my focus. I’m getting more done, with less stress. Sure, some things are just sitting there on my list, but I finally feel confident I can complete most of them before the month ends.

It’s a good feeling, and I’m feeling pretty lucky about that, too!

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What are you feeling lucky about today?



  • JuNoWriMo: Write 50,000 words of raw material for blog posts. 21,954/50,000 words. Primary goal on target.
  • Play with fiction writing as/if desired. Plot tribbles have arrived; I’m letting them at the we’ll see what happens there. Did a snippet of new writing for my upcoming WIPpet post. Secondary goal on target.


  • JuNoWriMo: Plot/outline blog posts as needed to complete the drafting goal above. Picking up a bit of pace, but don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, because that can be confusing. Secondary goal on target.

Social Media:

  • Blogging: Revise/polish/package relevant blogposts in order to return to a regular blogging schedule. Designate reblogged/repurposed posts or work ahead to cover July’s schedule. Posting has begun, Still not up to par, but closer (see post list above); had an idea for repurposed blogposts for July. Primary goal on target.

  • Continue in Twitter #writingcrew and #AllStarTrek sprints/chats regularly. Dabble in other social media (LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Wattpad) if/as desired. Both sprints/ chats Wed. Read on Quora, Stretch goal on target.


  • Assist my Accomplice with his labeling/branding/platform/marketing (if this is scary for me; it’s completely alien to him). I created completed labels for two products; three are still pending. Secondary goal on target at last.
  • Complete Build Your Marketing Muscles class; simmer; draft an action plan to apply what I’ve learned, and experiment with early changes/additions to my currently nearly non-existent “marketing plan.Skimmed through new items. Still have a few to go. Also taking Gwen’s 7 Day Video Challenge…more on that later… Stretch goal.

Tending goals:

I strained some muscles in my foot; it was significantly swollen Monday, and still a touch swollen and sensitive on Tuesday; combined with the heat, I’m taking a few day, with minimal tending and less walking to allow for recovery.

  • Hometending: Spend time at least 5x/week in mindful cleaning and/or yardtending; complete all homeschool paperwork and testing; deal with subscriptions and other business that tends to get pushed aside; support other indie writers as I’m able. Mindful cleaning/yardtending: 3/5 (brief sessions). Ran Twitter sprints for #JuNoWriMo. Lise’s report complete pending proofreadinging . Received superintendent approval for our required standardized testing; Miah’s complete to Math (section 2/14) will order tests in the next day or three.

  • Selftending: Spend time with my beloveds, friends, and myself; get at least one hour of physical activity 5x/week, and five hours of strenuous activity weekly (including Baby Steps to 5K); meditate and journal 8x/week. Meditation/journaling 1/8.

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    • Yeah. Wow is a good word. Every time I think how easily there could have been oncoming traffic….

      I miss my battered Outback, which was like a comfortable old friend. But there will be a new(er) Subaru in my future, and I have a future. More importantly, so does Jeremiah – as well as a better understanding of why paying attention while driving is vitally important. He’s a careful, safety-conscious, level-headed young man, but a reminder can be a good thing, just the same.

  1. It looks like the new method is definitely working well for you. And I’m really glad you and Miah are okay after that scare on the road. Hope you have a good rest of the week.

    • We’re glad, too! It was certainly more dramatic than I’d prefer coming home from Hannaford to ever be again!

      But Miah also learned some useful things for when he’s old enough to drive in a few months, and he kind of thinks his mom is super-cool right now (not really a very common belief, at his age). I am very calm under those kinds of pressure. I think I channel my inner Vulcan. =)

      Or she just takes over…

      Anyway, the new method is liberating. Those things I’m not getting to, I let go, since it’s not their turn yet. I know I will give them my focus when it is….

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