Hansel and Gretel Structure for #StaD May Day Thirty

Hello there, and welcome to my Story a Day May “Show My Work” post! This is where I give you a sneak peek into how I’m creating two (very short, and very different) stories, every day this May. Yep, that’s right; less than 24 hours from my first reading of the prompt to a committed story, even if I’m not quite that fast at posting them!

Ready to read?

Well then, what are we waiting for?

Story A Day May 30’s prompt is from StoryADay creator Julie Duffy.

The Prompt:

  • Write a Hansel & Gretel Structured Story.

Main Project Premise:

  • Marilyn stares at her baby girl, and suddenly knows the way out.

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • Her baby girl is perfect – until Ophelia pulls off her cap and reveals the missing pieces skull, and the empty places inside, where a brain should be. Even Marilyn can’t hide from this. Her baby is a broken doll who will never come to life, and she is the broken doll’s mother – and her murderer. People want to take pieces away from her to fix other mothers’ baby dolls, and she’s the one who needs to decide, because she’s the mother. Only, she can’t even take care of herself, so how is she supposed to know what to do? And then she realizes how she can get free of this burden….

My Favorite Bit of The Hollow Place

“She’s a broken doll – ”

“No, she isn’t. She’s a living being. She’s going to die soon – and she deserves to be seen by her mother while she’s still alive.”

But Ophelia’s wrong. This isn’t a baby, and not a living being. Not really. It’s a broken doll, and she doesn’t want to look at the shattered places in the doll’s head, and the hollow place where a brain should be, but isn’t. It reminds her of the hollow house, and her hollow life.

And the hollowness inside her.

Side Project Premise:

Standard disclaimer. I don’t own them, I don’t profit from them, but they insist on telling me their stories, so I’m sharing them with you.

  • Soval considers the human’s refusal, and a missive from his kindaughter.

Prompt Words from:


  • Abberation

  • Magnetic Resonance

  • Constitution

  • Intercede

  • Serenity

  • illicit

  • Depression

  • Architecture

Local NaNo Group prompt list:

  • first

  • care

Fleshing Out the Premise:

  • The Terran engineer has refused to reveal anything about his connection with Soval’s young kindaughter, but there is within him a burning intensity that holds the echo of his contact with the infant who dared to touch the flame. When he receives a communication from her that attempts to convey a concern for this human’s circumstances that implies a deeper contact between the pair, Soval’s course is made clear.

“First Known Incidence”  

He must protect the nascent connection between his kindaughter and her Intended until T’Pol understood the nature of the flame she touched and held.

To see the drabbles in sequence, as they post, visit my fanfiction.net page!

And, if you’d like to learn more about Julie Duffy  and Story A Day May,  click the links and learn away!

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