They’re True for #StoryADay May; Day Seventeen

The Prompt:

  • Write a story about the days leading up to the beginning of your novel, or your story’s big incident. Alternatively, write a journal of those days from your protagonist’s point of view.

They’re True

“And we’ll spend about a week just laying out on the beach -”

Ophelia stops listening. Marilyn isn’t talking to her, anyway – or at least, not really. She’s sitting on the floor of the plane, cross-legged, utterly ignoring her eight-months’-swollen abdomen as she plays endlessly with her dolls, as though she’s not about to have a baby girl with no more brains than those stuffed cloth toys.

She sighs, and turns to look out the window at the world passing below them. Time to leave the harshness of a Midwest winter, and return to a climate she’s more familiar with.

Her hand, which has been paused over the page, moves, and these words emerge:

I wish I was going home, and that I had no idea I even have a half-sister.

Written out like that, it seems kind of terrible, like she’s committing some kind of crime that she can’t quite explain. She wants to scribble out the words, but she doesn’t.

They’re true.

And this is her journal.

She only writes the truth here.

The words remain, as indelible and incontrovertible as Marilyn’s swollen belly, or the scribbled gibberish that covers the bodies of the naked ragdolls.

How will Ophelia deal with this truth?
Will Marilyn realize how she feels?

Where are they going?

And why?

Any guesses?

Come back tomorrow for another installment, and we can explore this new story seed together!


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