You Never Know: #atozchallenge for April 29, 2017

 Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

(Random Pick): Lannet: except it’s got two extra lines! 


    You’re Drowning…

    Sometimes in life you don’t know what is next

    When the sailing seemed smooth, the rapids sweep

    you away flailing to sharp rocky drops

    Plummeting, no one hears your frantic cries

    You’re drowning in deep trouble; you might die.

    You realize the truth you couldn’t see

    It’s possible to be your own hero.

    Easier if you’ve lived in swift waters

    Of thought, desire, and possibility.

    Why do we live this life of rich freedom?

    It’s our way of making our children strong.

    While they still have their parents to lean on.

    They can navigate rapids and shallows

    Rivers of joy, sorrow’s bitter oceans

    It’s learning only learned in the living.

    Strong oar and rudder to steer them to shore.

                                           Self-controlled falling selfie.
                                           Self-controlled falling selfie.

    You never know what life might bring.

    None of us do.

    Once, I was pregnant, about to give birth to our second child. It had been a textbook pregnancy, and my water broke four days before my due date…and that began a slow-motion trip to limbo that lasted until our 12 day old son died in my husband’s arms in a neonatal intensive care unit.

    Never saw it coming. No way to prepare in advance for the death of a baby all the textbooks said should have been perfectly healthy. No way to prepare our children for the fact that they will always have a brother who died as a newborn, before our daughter was even born.

    That’s a rather dire example, but a valid one. In all kinds of ways, large and small, life brings the unexpected. And, in ways large and small, my kids are preparing for that, everyday.


    By having lives that already embrace the “you never knows.” They aren’t in a classroom, being given predetermined assignments, lab exercises, projects, and research papers, the same as a couple of dozen other kids in the class. Their lives are more fluid, more in keeping with the rhythm of their growth. They have a great deal of freedom to determine the course of those lives, and the backup of two parents who can offer guidance and support. Every day, they live “you never know” lives, in safe ways, and that prepares them to do it on their own.

    Do you feel your childhood you navigate the challenges life presents?

    If you’re a parent, can you think of ways to better prepare your children for the uncertainties of their futures?

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               Standing tall and with confidence, taking her time-delayed selfie!
               Standing tall and with confidence, taking her time-delayed selfie!

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