Minecraft, Music, Makeup…and Security: #atozchallenge for April 15, 2017

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:



M Musings


happy builders

Not daft



Harmonies lift

and click



Beauty and art

Grow up

                                         A happy Nightmare Fairy!
                                         A happy Nightmare Fairy!

Well, that poem is short and sweet, and it might be hard to see the point in it.

As I finished typing that line, it occurred to me that the same thing could be said about childhood. And that’s what this tiny poem – and today’s theme – are all about.

Minecraft, music, and makeup are huge parts of my daughter’s life as I draft this essay on Christmas Day. She’s had all of those, and more, today. By the time you read this in mid-April, she may not be nearly as into one, more, or any of these things – but my guess is that she will be, because, as the poem says, it’s about the beauty and art of them. In Minecraft, she creates worlds, and plays out her fantasies. She owns a lot of horses, builds exquisite houses, amusement parks, towns, and more, all in a reality she controls.

With music, she can find voices, melodies, language, rhythms, and messages that speak to her, and challenge her to reproduce. Makeup is using her face, or others’ faces, as a palette, and building an effect around it.

These things give her a measure of control over her life and her world – which amounts to her reality. For a twelve year old changing rapidly and dealing with the uncertainties of impending adolescence, being the master of these domains gives her a space of certainty that is maybe the preteen’s version of a security blanket, supporting her rapid and chaotic maturation in the same way.

What passions do you or your children have?
How do you support and nurture them?

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Tomorrow is a “dark day” here in #atozchallenge-land, so come back for some nighttime adventures on Monday. Namaste!

                                     Frightfully Pretty Profile Portrait
                                     Frightfully Pretty Profile Portrait

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