Inspiration Is Swift and Shy: #atozchallenge for April 11, 2017

Slices of An Unschooling Life Theme Reveal Post

Today’s Poetry Type:

Inverted Refrain


Inspiration Is Swift and Shy

Inspiration is swift and shy

Its moment is a brief treasure

We catch it or it passes by

And we never reap its pleasure


Inspiration’s a treasure

we must catch or it passes by


Learning bubbles up from within

It belongs to us mind and soul

It’s so much deeper than our skin

Making us a more textured whole


Bubbling learning deepens our soul

A textured whole beneath the skin.


We must be free to seize the day

Big ideas flitting, darting

Each of us in our own way

New knowledge always sparking


Free to seize ideas sparking

Flitting knowledge every day.


Independence makes us all free

To choose what when and how to learn

Influences who we will be

While constant fires of knowing burn


Independence in how we learn

Free to know, to choose, and be

Art as exploration of life….LIse navigates the transition from “medium kid” to “big kid” along with her Littlest Pet Shop friend, Buttercup.

I’ve been accused at times, of being anti-school.

I’m not.

I stand for the rights of children to choose how to fill their lives; compulsory schooling isn’t, as I see it, the best way to support that. But many children, including me, were or are safer in school than at home, and, in some homes, sadly, there isn’t the kind of enriching, nurturing environment that allows people of any age to grow and learn freely.

So, for those reasons, I’m glad school is there to give kids more chances for that spark and sizzle of inspiration. At the same time I know from personal experience that school and school-things can get in the way of inspiration’s magic. By their nature, they impose arbitrary boundaries on the directions it can move, and quantify life into what “counts” and “doesn’t count”. Schedules, curricula, and parental demands to get good grades and “succeed in school” can douse that spark before it ever truly has the chance to kindle.

One of the things I deeply value in my own life, and in that of my family, is that, when the magical, ephemeral tiny lightning of inspiration strikes in our lives, it can be indulged, fed, protected, and followed. Our children are free to go where that magic leads them, as deeply as it leads them.

Making shadows with my son, walking home from a historic site where my boy was hunting Pokemon...history, exercise, connection, and technology blending.
Making shadows with my son, walking home from a historic site where my boy was hunting Pokemon…history, exercise, connection, and technology blending.

Recently, although finances are lean at the moment, we purchased a cello from a friend. Why? Because, two days before she announced she was selling it, my son, fifteen, had mentioned that he’d like to play the cello. We can pay for it in installments, no interest.

Will he learn to play? I don’t know. He did some research on cellos, and the day it arrived, he learned how to work the tuner and metronome, how to set the bridge, and how to change a string. He hasn’t explored it since; other inspirations have taken precedence, and we aren’t going to require lessons or any further exploration, if he’s not inclined to pursue it. Someone else might decide to explore the cello, or we may eventually sell it in our turn…but that doesn’t matter to me. What does is that he had the inspiration to learn to play, and we were able to provide him with a cello, and the time and freedom to explore it as he wishes, or to move on.

Some inspirations are like snapping sparks from a backyard fire that rise up hot and fast, then vanish as quickly as they came. Others become small sustaining blazes that warm the soul. And others take off, become great conflagrations of passionate learning, or direct the course of a life.

Our unschooling life allows room for all of them.

Is inspiration important to you? 

If so, how do you foster it, in yourself and/or your children?

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Jog on back tomorrow, and jettison some judgment with us!

Collaborative dragon-making at a juried art show in Saratoga Springs, NY, August 2015 - Lise, at 11, follows a spontaneous spark of inspiration.
Collaborative dragon-making at a juried art show in Saratoga Springs, NY, August 2015 – Lise, at 11, follows a spontaneous spark of inspiration.

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