The #BOAW2017 Edition: #weekendcoffeeshare for March 11, 2017

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be yawning. You see, I tend not to sleep much from the time the full moon is closing in, and until a couple of days past full. This month, that’s been amplified by the shifting from the administrative mindset I began the month with, to a more creative mode…

And that’s a good thing, despite the fatigue that comes from two nights of not a lot of sleep, and a moderate workout.

It came just in time for me to write two poems for the Beauty of a Woman Blogfest V1 (#BOAW2107):

As I said in last week’s post, I’m poised on the edge of a Creative Chaos Marathon (TM), during which I’ll:

  • draft a new novel (which I’m now early in the process of planning/plotting)
  • write a series of fan flash fiction stories (not even in planning yet)
  • as many blog posts as 50,000 words will give me (I’ve got some ideas I jotted a few weeks back, and really haven’t looked at since)
  • and then draft a second novel (I’ve got a sketchy paragraph or so; and a bit of backstory for this one).

So, though I’m tired, I’m happy to be feeling creative, and to have had that administrative time where I did some rereading, revising, and got the kids’ homeschool reports submitted. Not only that – I’ve been setting myself hometending quotas for each week, so the house is – well, I’m not going to tell you that it’s clean, because I don’t like to lie. But it’s better than it’s been at some points, and I’m preventing a lot of the slipback that’s happened in other creative surges.

Matter of fact, I like the quota idea so much that I’ve also instituted quotas for several other of my goals:

  • scanning my analog photos
  • meditation
  •  journaling
  •  physical activity (writing tends to be a sedentary occupation, yet oxygenation and movement keep the ideas flowing).

As I was typing that last paragraph, I realized that there are other things I can use the quota system for, so stay tuned for more about that. 

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I don’t even think coffee is going to keep me awake all that much longer. Speaking of longer, I know my #weekendcoffeeshare posts are usually longer than this, but….this one simply is what it is. The moon is nearing full, I feel its pull – but I’m living an Earthbound, human life, and this corporeal body of mine has its limits.

I’m going to call this post, and this time together, good, and beg off the lingering conversation for this week. Hopefully, next week will find me a bit more able to concentrate on being good company.

Until then, feel free to enjoy the rest of your beverage. It’s mighty cold out there today, and I’m certainly not going to rush you back out into it. Please don’t be offended, though, if I just nod along and make absent sounds in response to any conversation. It’s a bit hard to hear you over the (allegedly) fictional voices in my head!

On that note, though – if you’re looking for someone who actually wants to chat today, check out the other fine #weekendcoffeeshare posters. You can find them being hosted by Emily at Nerd in the Brain.

Until next week, stay warm and safe!


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