Seeds of Wisdom; Fertile Soils: #BOAW2017 and Mindful Monday


Seeds of Wisdom; Fertile Soils

(a half-found poem)

In my family, volatility reigned.

Relationships fraught;

friction lacerating conversation,

yanking scabs off abrasions

never properly healed.

Trying to untangle

incendiary conflicts

chaos in my dark places

locked in, lost

Ambushed by flash-friction

embroiled in hostilities

trying to break free

but lured

again and again

to make my case

say my piece

be heard

and understood.

Help came in morsels

Grasping at understanding

Bit by bit by bit.

“The only person you can


is yourself,”

A good and sensible friend told me

after listening to me fume

for a seeming eternity.

I didn’t want to believe her,

but, once furious frustration eased,

I began to see the futility

of attempts to control the other.

That sentence was a key

unlocking the self-created prison

that kept me trapped

Released me to freedom

And into peace.
Seeds of wisdom

landing in fertile soils,

changing lives.

Amazing women freely sharing

wisdom garnered along the way,



and coffee houses

the quilting bees of our time.

Women sharing for betterment

of one another,

and the society we share.

Women create a society,



who is most skilled at which tasks,

using that knowledge to fit

the right person to the purpose,

creating a stronger

more beautiful


This post is part of the Beauty of a Woman BlogFest VI! To read more entries, and potentially win a fun prize, visit the fest page on August’s McLaughlin’s site between today and 11pm PST March 11th.

This is also my Mindful Monday post for this week. For more mindfulness to kick of International Women’s Week, visit Colleen Chesebro at A Mindful Journey!





  1. Wow. There’s so much motion, passion, and energy in these lines and some unexpected use of language. I especially like "Ambushed by flash-friction." Such a great image.

  2. I live that despite all the obstacles that knocked you down, you came back tougher, stronger, and fierce in your own power!

      • It kind of works with "live," too!
        Don’t worry, Kitt – my fingers and brain get in spats all the time! =D

    • You could call me Hercules Mulligan. 😉
      I think sometimes people miss the fierceness, because I strive to be kind. But you’re right – it’s there. I had to learn how to temper it and use it in ways that weren’t toxic to me, and I’m still not perfect at it. But surviving with self and soul more or less intact took toughness, and I haven’t exactly lost that….I just channel it differently, these days.
      So glad you stopped by my "new digs" – always a pleasure!

  3. So many wonderful lines in this poem, but this one stood out to me: "Ambushed by flash-friction." I swear, it sounds like you grew up with a narcissist. I did, and they’re impossible to live with. So happy for you that you made your own new life and the reality you needed. cheers to you

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Laura! I thought I was going to write an essay, but it wasn’t quite right. I sat with it for several hours last night, and then, in a flash of inspiration and maybe fatigue, I started to see the rhythm of poetry there, and, from there, it was easy!

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