Bad Art: #Loveuary Day Seventeen

Ritu from But I Smile Anyway created the #Loveuary blog hop,  which feels like a perfect time to explore the next three chapters of my Star Trek: Enterprise  TnT fan fiction story, Love and Loss  – a hundred words at a time.

I’m using word prompts for each day, randomly gathered. Prompt words appear in bold, and today’s contributors are credited at the end of the post.

One more thing: Standard disclaimer applies. I don’t own these characters or the world they inhabit. They just like whispering and shouting stories into my brain, which I share with you freely, as an act of love.

This drabble takes place a few days after “Well, Trip?,” my previous Trip chapter. A father-son day Trip’s not really up for takes an unexpected turn…

Bad Art

Trip wanted a Man Cave Therapy Day, an antidote for the entropy of T’Pol withdrawal; but instead Dad dragged him to the boardwalk art show. They were staring at an improbable cadmium yellow papier-mache DeLorean when a pair of blue antennae popped up on the other side.



“Why you shifty, wily bastard! Dad, this is my friend Shran. What brings you here to paradise?”

New worlds to conquer, pinkskin.” Shran’s eyes asked questions. Trip put his focus on a macrame piece called Ambulance and Crash Test Dummy.

Bad art and a nosy friend.

He should have stayed home.

Will Shran tell Trip where he’s been, and with whom?

Today’s prompts are courtesy of…

Anoymous Donor:

  • Man Cave

  • therapy

  • antidote

  • entropy

  • withdrawal

  • boardwalk

  • cadmium yellow

  • papier-mache

  • DeLorean

  • paradise

  • ambulance

  • crash test dummy


  • shifty

  • wily bastard

  • new worlds to conquer

Come on back tomorrow, and stop by Ritu’s place for more #Loveuary delight!


    • Thanks, RItu!
      I knew Trip and Shran had to meet up sooner or later, but I really didn’t know when or how until I got ready to write this one. Now we all get to wonder if Shran will tell him where he’s been the last few days, and with whom.
      And, of course, what Trip would think about that.

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