The Work: #weekendcoffeeshare for February 4, 2017

If we were having coffee, I would tell you all that I’ve missed you over these last few weeks. Every week, I’ve planned on asking you over, and every week seems to end without having gotten around to it.

So, today, I’m making it a point. It’s Friday afternoon, and the shopping was done yesterday. There’s both regular and Death Wish Coffee here, and a variety of flavored creamers. We also have cashew milk and some fruit…not a lot of sweets, but, if you’d like, I can bring out the chocolate covered espresso beans.

Let’s meet in my study. I’ve been busy away from home rather a lot (for me, anyway), these last weeks, and I don’t need to go anywhere today, so I’ve spent most of it so far working on various writing and hometending projects. And yes, I do know that the house doesn’t really look like it’s had that much in the way of tending. All I can say to that is that you might have a different perspective on that if you’d woken up here this morning, the way I did. My goal is to have it looking even better by the time I go to sleep tonight.

But enough about that. I’d rather talk about something more exciting, because there are big developments happening here at the moment. That accounts for some of my recent absence, as I’ve been tending to the things that seemed to need me a bit more than blogging did (or, at least, to be a lot more vocal about it!).

My Accomplice has a new job, and, so far, things seem to be going very well. It’s been a lean season, and this is welcome. Even better is that it’s closer to home, has a good number of local regulars, and is a place he’s wanted to work at from the first time he ate there.

We’ve also been hard at work getting his cottage industry up and running. He built a tidy little inventory of hot sauce while he was between jobs, and began the process of dealing with the various certifications and classes he needs to legally sell it. Now we’re down to the final steps – logo design, business account, taxation and licenses. It’s rather tedious and involved, but, once it’s done, all that’s left is labeling and liability insurance…

Which means that, along with my own writing-related projects and the ever-present and due next month homeschool reports, I’ll be designing a products page here, so that folks who visit me can (eventually)order right on site! Eventually, he’ll have his own site, but that’s still in the future, and I bought a business site in large part so that I can help him by supporting the business which may someday support us.

I’m also working up a curriculum vitae for myself, because, for the first time in a decade, I’m ready to rejoin the workforce. I left when the children were 5 and 2, to focus on homeschooling. Back then, it was definitely the thing to do, but the ten years since have grown those little kids into big ones verging on adulthood, and they don’t need nearly so much of my time and direct attention.

So, I’ll be taking a part-time job, to bring in a little money that will help to support everyone’s passions, and to extend myself gradually back out into the wider world. I’ll be starting small, part-time, but may build to full time, if that goes well and I want more.

And, of course, there will always be writing….

Wow, it seems like our time together just got started, and here we are at the bottom of our cups. Bundle up; it’s cold out there, and it might snow. Stay warm till next week –

Want to share another cup? Drop me a comment, and stop by Diana’s Part Time Monster Blog to visit more lovely #weekendcoffeeshare folks!


  1. Chocolate covered expresso beans sounds wonderful, I haven’t had a treat like that in a while. You sound very busy, good luck with all of it and I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • passes the remaining beans to Shari
      I like having things to do. Funny thing is that I don’t feel busy; just focused. I tend to move at my own rhythms and leave time for the other important stuff – but I do stay aware of longer-term goals and tend to want to do things that bring me closer to them.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the little slice of life; I’ll be by to see you soon!

  2. Congratulations on getting the sauce going and with the remaining preparations. Sounds like a big job and I really struggle with anything involving so much red tape…well done!My kids are now about to turn 13 and 11. I was working part-time until a few years ago when my health flared up and I still haven’t tried to go back. I’m now wanting to get more involved with the community and stumbled across an ad for a two day suicide prevention course. I was thinking this could be quite useful as teens can get quite volitile and these could be good skills to have.I’ve also been writing up about our trip to Tassie and I’ve really only reached the tip of the iceberg. We saw so much every day and thankgoodness for the camera or I would’ve lost track of so much.Hope you have a great week.xx Rowena

    • Thank you! My Accomplice (the chef) has done most of the legwork – my role is mostly printing things, and helping with label and logo design. And soothing him through the vagaries of red-tape tangles, of course!
      I’m happy your health is improved enough that you can consider this vital volunteering opportunity. I’ve also recently heard about a local program where women sing at the bedsides of dying hospice patients. I can sing, and I’ve lost a fiance and an infant son. This feels like it could be a wonderful – and challenging -thing to do.
      Travel with growing kids is amazing, isn’t it? I find that every time I see my children in unaccustomed surroundings, I learn things about them I didn’t notice in our home environment. We also have amazing conversations!
      I’m glad you had your camera along for that trip!

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