“Weren’t You Listening?” for #Loveuary Day One

Okay, so this is rather impromptu, but when something seems perfect, I tend to jump on it. And, so, when Ritu from But I Smile Anyway decided to run a last-minute blog hop she’s calling #Loveuary, it felt like a perfect time to explore the next three chapters of my Star Trek: Enterprise TnT fan fiction story, Love and Loss – a hundred words at a time.

I’m using word prompts for each day, randomly gathered. If you’d like to add to the pool, list your choices in the comments – bonus points if they don’t sound especially like they’d fit a science fiction story. I love a challenge!

I’ll highlight the prompt words, and identify today’s contributors at the end of the post.

And, standard disclaimers apply: I don’t own them, or profit from them – I just love them, which makes them perfect to play with this month! =D

Weren’t You Listening?”


Sparkly blue fishnet stockings…” Malcolm let go of the shuttlepod controls, wiping tears of laughter away from his eyes. Jon thought about issuing a reprimand, but didn’t. He didn’t want Malcolm Reed reminding him yet again that he’d volunteered to play pilot and was “officially on leave, sir.”

But now Phlox was watching him with an expression that said a Denobulan lecture could be in the offing. Jon focused in on what the Tactical Officer had said. “…fishnet stockings?”

“Weren’t you listening, sir? Did you miss the holographic evidence?”

Holographic evidence of fishnet stockings?”

“No sir. Sparkling blue fishnet stockings.”

Okay, that’s today’s post. What do fishnet stockings – excuse me, sparkling blue fishnet stockings – have to do with Star Trek? Well, we’ll have to see where this goes…I’m not exactly plotting this, or subjecting it to much revision, either!

Today’s words come from:


  • focused

  • holographic

Lise (my daughter, age 12.5):

  • sparkly

  • blue


  • fishnet stockings

Come on back tomorrow, and don’t forget to stop by and see Ritu, as well!


    • Me too!
      I’ve gotten a better idea, but I still don’t quite know where this fits, or how it’s important – but I have a hunch that it might hold a key to Trip’s healing – and maybe someone else’s, too.

    • I promise, there will be love in it….but it may take a bit to become obvious….
      Day Two was a surprise to me. I might get it posted before I sleep, but, if not, by evening.

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