Limbo Lifting: #JusJoJan Day Twenty-Four

Welcome to Day Twenty-Four of Just Jot It January, where the prompt is: “elusive,” used any way we wish.

Limbo Lifting

Everything shifting and changing

Limbo lifting, schedule rearranging

Unsure and fumbling

Stumbling, bumbling

Inventing new rhythms

Varying our living

Elusive and exciting


Not sure why I thought to write an acrostic poem for today, except that it fits. I’ve been up all night, and might be up all day.


Those who’ve been reading here or at my WordPress blog might know that it’s been a leaner time here since mid-July. My Accomplice was released from a job he’d had for over nine years, so that the owner of the restaurant could hire his son. He found a new job in October, and, at first, he loved it…but, within weeks, he was seeing problems. When he’d been there less than a month, he had seniority in the kitchen.

The next week, they hired two new employees, and then two more, and my Accomplice was fired.

Restaurants can be rough places to work.

But now he has a new job at a small but well-regarded local restaurant – a restaurant where he’s wanted to work since the first time he ate there a year or two ago.

One little thing…he’s been working evenings for decades, and, today, on his first day, he had to be there at 5:30am – a serious adjustment for our largely nocturnal, homeschooling family.

Oh, and another thing. Late last evening, the storm that wreaked havoc and caused death in the South arrived here, bringing snow, ice, and sleet. Thankfully, we have Subarus – ancient, but extremely sure-footed.

I wandered off to do Other Things – namely, time with my most beloveds – and now it’s after 9pm. My Accomplice is home, and enjoyed his first day. More, if all goes well, the pay should be comparable to what he was making at his nine-year job.

After many lean months, a little elusive security would be most welcome!

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