“There Is No Cure”: #SoCS and #JusJoJan Day Fourteen

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Welcome to Day Fourteen of Just Jot It January, where the prompt is: the letter p,” used any way we wish, with extra points for beginning and ending with “p” words. Today, I offer you another peek into my fan fiction playground, because the prompt was perfect, with a third and final installment to my Arachnid Nebula sequel story, still unnamed.

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And, as always, standard disclaimer applies. I write these stories for love, not profit. I don’t own the characters or their world. It’s not my fault that they keep whispering stories in my head, and that they demand I write them, is it?

“There is No Cure”

Perhaps Kov should feel discomfort at the open intimacy between T’Pol and Trip. Were he living a more typically Vulcan life, he certainly should have, but the course of his investigations into himself and the true nature of his people had led to a greater understanding of the deeper needs that drove them, and the forms they might take. This physical expression was perhaps as near as T’Pol could come to revealing the esteem in which s he held her human Intended. His willingness to share in it was an expression of the deepening emotion he felt for this woman.

It was also an exceptionally efficient and apparently instinctive panacea against the neural devastation the onset of Pa’Naar Syndrome could cause in those afflicted.

Perhaps that explained the calming of his own agitation, as well.

“Please elucidate upon Pa’Naar Syndrome.” Had she adopted a more human manner of speech with intent, or were they already so closely connected that she would be influenced by the physical contact? Fascinating.

“The specific causes are uncertain, although it always involves a melding, and generally one that is in some way not wholly wanted by both participants. The resistance to the sharing causes a disruption of the neural net that is exacerbated if the limbic system is engaged. Untreated, it’s immediately terminal.”

Terminal!” Trip increased the pressure of his embrace; T’Pol seemed to welcome it, and to be untroubled by the significant volume of the human’s exclamation. “If that’s true, why the hell aren’t we treating her now?”

“We are treating her now, Trip. “Kov smiled. A most passionate man, and protective of those he cared for. “The emergency support provided in T’Pol’s quarters, and the contact you are currently providing, are precisely the type of treatment she needs at this stage, whether or not she develops Pa’Naar.”
“When will we know, and what is the prognosis?” She was a noted scientist, and a woman being supported by her Intended. T’Pol accepted the treatment without question, and set her attention to the next issue. A most remarkable woman, in the mate she had chosen, but she was still Vulcan.

“The next six hours will ascertain whether the damage will result in Pa’Naar Syndrome. If you have contracted the disorder, treatment will mitigate the progression for a time.” Kov paused to draw a centering breath; he didn’t wish to deliver the eventual result of the assault, but the responsibility had fallen upon him. “There is no known cure. Those afflicted eventually and invariably perish.”

How will T’Pol react?

What about Trip?

Does she have Pa’Naar Syndrome?

Well, that will have to wait a little while, but I may begin another story in a day or two, so don’t forget to come back!


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