“There Are Other Dangers:” The IDIC Romance for #JusJoJan Day Ten

Welcome to Day Ten of Just Jot It January, where the prompt is: danger.” I’ve resisted until now, but…well, today, I delve back into my fan fiction playground, because the prompt was perfect, and because I have a goal to add another story to my “Arachnid Nebula” arc this month.

This, then, is the beginning of that story. If you want to know what happens before this, the title link above will transport you to the first installment.

And, as always, standard disclaimer applies. I write these stories for love, not profit. I don’t own the characters or their world. It’s not my fault that they keep whispering stories in my head, and that they demand I write them, is it?

There Are Other Dangers”

Trip sat beside the sleeping woman, watching that little line over the bridge of her nose. That line said there was still something bothering her, even now. Was she still having bad dreams?

How in the world could her dreams be so dangerous to her?

Trip wanted to ask Kov what she’d been dreaming, and if it was the same dream, the one he was supposed to be in but wasn’t. He wanted to ask him what he’d been doing, what he’d felt when he was holding her head. What that damned Tolaris had been doing to her –

But he kept his mouth shut.

It wasn’t his business until and unless T’Pol said it was.

As he was thinking that, she opened her eyes wide, staring right at him. She extended two fingers and reached a little shakily for his face, stroking their backs over a cheek he hadn’t gotten around to shaving yet. Trip swallowed; he was sure she wouldn’t want him to feel what he was feeling. Not now, anyway.

“Am I dreaming?” Her fingers trembled; so did her voice.

“Not unless I am, too,” he said, softly, damning his voice for its sudden huskiness.

“You are awake, and lucid.” Kov’s voice was calm; she probably liked that better.

“He didn’t take you, Tr – Commander.” She was getting her bearings, going back into that Vulcan persona. But her fingers stayed on his face, trembling, proving she wasn’t quite herself yet. “He did not, did he – ?” She glanced questioningly at Kov, then back to him. She’d been pretty out of it in her quarters; probably didn’t remember the first introduction.

“I am called Kov. What was yours, is still. However, there are other dangers we must discuss, when you are ready.”

Damn. Kov hadn’t said anything to him about there being more trouble. What the hell had happened to her?

But him knowing wasn’t as important as her knowing. And he figured she’d need privacy for that. So he took her hand gently in his, gave her a little squeeze, and guided it back to her biobed. “Well, now that you’re awake, I guess I’d better be going -”

“No!” She sat bolt upright at that, and her breath came sharp enough that Phlox poked his head in through the curtain.

“It would be better if you remain, Trip.” Kov’s voice was quiet, but certain.

“I quite agree, Commander. T’Pol doesn’t need any further upset.”

Trip bowed to popular opinion, and his own wishes. “If that’s what you want, T’Pol.” Her hand came back up to his face; following instinct, Trip put his over it, and tried his damndest to ignore how good it felt, having it there. “All right. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Speak, Kov.” It sounded a little rude to Trip, but he’d heard Vulcans talking to each other, so he kept his opinion to himself. Kov didn’t seem to find it the least bit offputting.

“What I sensed in your mind, and the doctor’s readings, indicate that you are in danger of developing Pa’Naar Syndrome as a result of the contact with Tolaris.”

What is Pa’Naar Syndrome?

Will T’Pol develop it?

How will it affect her, if she does?


    • I’d advise you against this tendency to make goo-goo eyes at Trip where T’Pol might catch on, Fallon…except I know that you know the dangers….so, do what you need to do. He really is a sweetie. =)

    • That he is. Maybe that’s why he’s easier for me to write than any other male character I’ve ever written…
      I like the fact that he’s here with T’Pol, at a time when she really needs the support of a friend.

  1. Belated Happy New Year my faraway friend. I hope life is treating you well and I missed reading your blog. Time to change my reading habits 🙂

    • Why, hello there, Bee! It’s funny – every time I start missing you, here you are! You even found me here at my new digs!
      I think you aren’t the only one who could use to adapt their reading habits…it’s just that days seem to fade so quickly into weeks and months these days!
      I hope all is well with you and yours. I’ll pop by to see you in the next day or two! Until then, may all your tea be perfectly prepared! =D

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