Warning: Creative Mind Surging for #JusJoJan Day Three

Welcome to Day Three of Just Jot It January, where the theme is:warning. Today, I’ve got some straight up  stream of consciousness jotting to share….and my stream of consciousness was flowing with unfettered swiftness today, so be warned, and heed the label!

Warning: Creative mind surging in a state of apparent chaos. Serious lurches and waves of seemingly unrelated and disheveled intensity will lead to….





I don’t have the answers for you. All I can say is that I am much like a sea sponge at the moment, soaking up input…I’m reading a book I’ve been trying to get to since November (first NaNo, then Kindle death and resistance to getting the replacement insurance entitles me to, then, well, that thing called life. Why now? I’m going to go to a local writers’ event where the author, with whom I’ve been corresponding for several months (we share a fandom), will be speaking.

I watched our local PBS station’s Downton Abbey marathon for over 30 hours, doing hometending on the fundraising breaks. I got through the first three series (except for a quick doze a time or three).

I’ve also been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, because it’s what’s next in the chronology project I undertook in January of 2015. I might be further along, but I keep going back to Enterprise, which is my favorite Trek incarnation.

I’ve invested in a novel course, because I have floundered utterly at getting revisions done in a timely manner. For this course, I’m revising a 21,420 word fan fiction novella, because fanfic is my laboratory and my sandbox; it’s shorter than any of my mainstream fiction, and I’ve been wrestling with this piece for at least three years now. I can see that the elements are there…and, even at page 13/79, and the first of 22 lessons, I can see that, although this first revision might take some serious time, ultimately, I’m going to have techniques I don’t have right now.

I’m also handling some minor revisions for a story that’s been accepted for publication; rereading and organizing materials for winter plotting, revision, and writing projects, and interacting socially in person and online…

So fair warning. Things are simmering, and there’s no telling right now exactly what will emerge in this creative stew!



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