A Year of Growth: Mindful Monday/#JusJoJan Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of Just Jot It January, where the theme is: time. What time is it?

A little part of me now wants to launch into song….

“What time is it? Show time!” (“Like I said-”) “Show time! Show time! Yo, I’m John Laurens in the place to be. Two pints of Sam Adams but I’m workin’ on three!” – gratuitous Hamilton reference courtesy of “Aaron Burr, Sir”, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

OK, back to the question of what time it is….for me, it’s time to share my 2017 #oneword in a Mindful Monday post.


This year, my word is Growth.

Throughout the year, my focus and intentions will be centered on growth in many arenas.2017 is a momentous one for me as a parent. In July, Lise will be 13, and my days of parenting pre-teens will have ended. In September, Jeremiah will turn 16, old enough to get his license. He’ll likely also finish his homeschool requirements this year and “graduate.” In August, my Accomplice and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage – and we still have fun together! ❤

I’ve loved every age my kids have been, but there’s something magical about these last few years, when the adults they’ll soon be are sometimes tantalizingly close to the surface, but the cares and responsibilities of actual adulthood haven’t worn away their silliness and playfulness.

With their growth comes the opportunity for me to grow mindfully by:

  • Joyfully rejoining the workforce. I’m no longer needed full-time at home.

  • Developing the skills I need to revise, publish, and market my writing.

  • Increasing fitness – moving more, challenging myself, and enjoying the process.

  • Focusing on mindfulness and meditation. More practice, more tai chi, more attending to joy.

  • Better organization in home, work and life.

  • More involvement in my various communities.

  • Becoming a better mother, wife, and all-around human.

I’ll be back to update from time to time…and, if you’re looking for more Mindful Monday, follow the link!

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