A Prosperous Ending: November 30, 2016

Hey there!

This is the last day of the month. Tomorrow, I start on my December goals list, looking to both wrap things up and look forward to a new year of writing challenges.

My daughter isn’t home – she’s sleeping over with her best friend until Friday – and the house is quiet with just my son and I home. A little later, we’ll be watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (his choice), and Dead Poets’ Society (mine – he hasn’t yet seen Robin Williams in a dramatic role, and, at 15, he’s a very good age for this favorite of mine). Tomorrow, we’re most likely going to the Y for a workout, and to the Victorian Street Walk in Saratoga Springs, a local tradition we try to make when the weather is decent.

Friday evening, he and I will hopefully be attending Hamilton’s Albany, a documentary preview from our local PBS station, at the Albany Institute of History and Art, which also currently has a Hamilton exhibit.

Saturday is our homeschool community center holiday party….so it’s a busy spell, for us. ‘Tis the season!

It’s been a bit since I shared excerpts as part of the intro. Since I’ve been revising my fan fiction story, “First Contact, With Jazz,” I thought I would share a bit from both of my POV characters today. By the way, standard disclaimers apply: I don’t own them, and I don’t profit from them; I just love them!


Once, as an infant, T’Pol had thrust her fingers into her mother’s meditation flame, despite the warning that it would bring injury. Her second foremother, T’Mir, reported that she had screamed and struggled when the physicians attempted to treat her. They had been concerned for her overall well-being, and ceased the efforts to wholly heal the wounds. She still bore faint burn scars on two of her fingertips.

She retained no memory of the pain, but she remembered the beauty and power of the flames with great clarity. The learning gained through that experience couldn’t be defined by logic. It had changed her, as she had later been changed when she ingested the metamorphic nectars of her world’s rarest fruit.


Trip Tucker’s mama had raised him to be a gentleman. He tried not to judge the people friends picked to share their beds with, but he honestly didn’t know what the hell cultured Lara saw in that arrogant pr-

He stuck his tongue in his cheek. It was that or bite it. The things he thought had this slippery way of oozing out of his mouth, and Lara had been a good friend for a long time. He wasn’t going to throw that friendship away over a man like Orin Price-Thomas.

Did you enjoy those snippets? Want more?

Well, you’re in luck! My fanfiction.net page has ten stories to date, several still in progress.

Note: Only those goals I interacted with during this session are listed. For complete goals lists, follow the links below.



  • The IDIC Romance: ReviseFirst Contact, With Jazz and get it in the hands of waiting betas. Revise Chapters 4-7 of A Backdrop of Stars; review 1-3; Love and Loss. Primary goal. Began revision of “FC,WJ” First Pass Complete: Scene 1/16 first fine-tuning pass complete; Scene 2/16 first revision pass in progress; reread Scene 3/16; simmering.

Social Media:

  • Make regular visits to others participating in hops and challenges I’ve joined. This will be a Thursday/Monday focus. Primary goal. Visited a few ROWers, since I hadn’t been there in a bit, due to NaNo. One #8sunday poster so far; it’s a start.

  • Interaction: Visit website, blog, ROW80, Albany NNWM, and Yacon Village FB pages; ff.net; Twitter; Instagram; and Pinterest at least weekly, each site. Secondary goal.


  • Complete resets/reorganizations: study, family room, and porch. Use the 27 Thing Fling for structure/4 each per week. Add in 22 cycles a week for random indoor/outdoor tidying/hometending. Primary goal. (For the week): Random: 12/22; study: 3/4.

  • Homeschool Administration: Gather info/draft first quarter reports (due 12/15). Create Flickr portfolio for Miah; continue to file to Lise’s. Secondary goal. Lise’s 9/10 sections complete (just Attendance left).

  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and back up all OneDrive Homeschool, Blogging, and Beta Reading files. Maintain email below 99 messages. Tertiary goal. Wednesday/Saturday focus. Kept the email at a much more reasonable level; spikes only into the 90-range –definite progress. And, at last, all three of the directories are clean and organized.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Primary goal. Conversation; canoodling; videos; workout and dinner with my Accomplice; homeschool community center time with my daughter. Upcoming events listed in intro.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly online and in person. Secondary goal. Visited FB page.


  • Journal six times each week. Gradually increase meditation to ten minutes six mornings, and four minutes three evenings. Primary goal. 3/6 journaling; 3/6 morning meditation (2- 6 minutes;). Evenings: 1/3; 3:33 (it’s a start!).

  • Fitness: Get a cumulative total of at least 75 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly, 90 minutes thrice weekly. Secondary goal. 70: 3/5; 90: 2/3.

  • Tai chi class, swimming, strength, and/or cardio training for a cumulative total of ten hours. Tertiary goal. 3.75/10 hours. Cardio and strength. Not going to make this, but did make an effort…

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Haven’t shared one of these for a bit – but it seems like a good time! =D


  1. ‘The things he thought had this slippery way of oozing out of his mouth’ Hahaha…I love this! And it sounds like such a Trip way of thinking. 🙂

  2. I loved the excerpts you shared, Shan, from the visual, spiritual bent of T’Pol’s memory to the snarky honesty of Trip’s thoughts.

    Lots of progress on your goals, too, and it sounds like a busy time of year for you and your family.

    • It’s the storm before the calm for us, I think. We tend to hibernate in the winter, so this will likely be our last really busy week for a while. Lots more time for writing.

      It’s fun when T’Pol drags me into her inner world. So much potential in those Vulcans, and Enterprise gave me a LOT to work with. And Trip – well, what he’s thinking really isn’t ever much of a mystery. He’s the easiest male character I’ve ever written. And maybe the most fun.

      They (mostly T’Pol) seem to sense whenever I finish a major project, and they sneak back in to grab my attention.

      Of course, I’m not exactly playing hard to get where they’re concerned! ❤

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