Like Twin Lighthouses: Sea Changes (Kifo Island Chronicles Volume 1) for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Witt.

I’m back….

I didn’t mean to vanish last week, but last Wednesday was a literal day of mourning for me. I needed to take care of myself, and my family, and the wider community of people who feel not simply disappointed, but actually threatened, by the results of the Presidential election.

I wanted better, for all of us…and I’ve never been so aware that there are pitfalls to living in a republic


We’re back to Ava Garcia in Sea Changes

Ava grew on me during the writing of her story. She was a constant revelation. Her struggle is compelling. For me, it goes beyond the issue of whether people should be allowed to choose the manner of their death. She encapsulates my personal attitudes about how children deserve to be treated. It’s an honor to share her voice with you!

The premise:

In advocating for a dying girl seeking emancipation from controlling parents, can an overburdened young woman and a lonely young man find a future together?


This passage has been rough-edited (trust me, you don’t want to see the muddled-beyond-hope original version! My plan is to begin creating a more structured revision plan once the 24 scenes pass through my local crit group (which isn’t happening, at the moment. Post NaNo, I expect to pick up steam for the next few months.)

Your input is gratefully accepted, and might go a long way toward making this a better novel!


Ava is dreaming, and possibly drowning. She’s just felt hands pulling her up….but whose are they?

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is November 16, 2016

  • I‘ve got 4 sentences todayfor four years. Four years, and we’ll be on the other side of whatever awaits us…okay, so that’s not really about today. How about this – there’s still about 40 minutes left to the 16th….and 16 is 4 squared.

  • Or how about the truth? I set this post up for last Wednesday, but never posted it. I don’t remember what my rationale was ; maybe it doesn’t matter.

Like Twin Lighthouses

These were kind hands, and, through the murky red-tinged water, Ava thought she saw the suggestion of a face – a bearded friendly face. White-blonde hair. Palest of blue eyes. They shone like twin lighthouses in the murky waters, pulling in all the light, and Ava fixed on those beacons, thinking maybe she could reach them the way she’d followed the red-tinged bubbles.

Whose hands are these?

Is she in the water, or is this part of the dream?

Will Ava find her way out?

Next week, we’ll learn a little more.

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