A Prosperous Life: October 19, 2016

Hey there!

Ever had one of those sessions where your focus was on things other than writing? That was this session for me.

Sunday was my write-in; I did manage to write 4K words of the final #StaD story, which has evolved to be a TnT fan fiction framing an alternate history (written as a fan fiction…it’s complicated).

Monday, I wrote very short poems, and took the kids to see a preview of portions of the upcoming PBS documentary, Hamilton’s America (it was at least as wonderful as I thought it would be.) I came home with a headache, but wrote another several hundred words on the story. I also did some rereading for the third submission story; I plan to begin revisions later today.

Yesterday, Lise wanted to go to Minecraft club at our homeschool community center. Despite the fact that my  headache had intensified into near-migraine country, I managed to finish the next step of the planning for Tsunamis; I’m getting close to the end of the planning portion of that goal.

I also watched some Star Trek, finishing up that goal, and cleaned up quite a bit of email and open tabs. I’ve been playing some Cake Mania 3 and watching PBS – I feel things simmering and about to coalesce…I’m allowing them the time and space to grow rich and layered.

With many projects still in process, and the month passing quickly, and November rushing in; I’ll be looking at my goals this week, and making some choices about which goals to set aside for now, and which to focus on.

Do you have gathering times, when you’re preparing for a new creative surge? Do you wait them out, or get anxious? If you wait, what do you do in the lull?

Note: Only goals I engaged with this session are listed. Use the links below for comprehensive goals/progress lists.


  • The IDIC Romance: Finish any #STaD stories still pending . Primary goal. Story 5/5 (Philodosia): 4,565 words.
  • Poets on the Page: Write 31 new poems in October, using OctPoWriMo prompts. Secondary goal. 10/31 complete. Wrote three very short poems from Zeke’s perspective; good insight into a character with a significant mental difference.


  • Kifo Island Chonicles: Complete planning (Beginning with Setting worksheets, and ending with Story World Mandalas) and plot Tsunamis. Primary goal. Finished Zeke’s Settings, Time, and First Big Moment sheets.


  • For Submission: Revise “Peach Liqueur Love” for Dark and Bitter; first “Philodosia” story for The Machinery; and “Beneath the Ice” for World Unknown Review. Primary goal. Read Omniscient POV draft; insights and revelations simmering.

Social Media:

  • Make regular visits to others participating in hops and challenges I’ve joined. This will be a Thursday/Monday focus. Primary goal. Not as many as I’d hoped.

  • Interaction: Visit website, blog, ROW80, Albany NNWM, and Yakon Village FB pages; ff.net; Twitter; Instagram; and Pinterest at least twice weekly, each site. Once each for green.
  • Continue in situ website design, with a focus on bringing in the various facets of my life in a more cohesive manner. This will be a Friday/Tuesday focus. Tertiary goal. Made some tweaks to social contacts; began setting up an events page.


  • Complete resets/reorganizations: study, family room, and porch. Use the 27 Thing Fling for structure/4 each per week. Add in 20 cycles a week for random indoor/outdoor tidying/hometending. Primary goal. Random inside: 6/20. Headache and a busy-elsewhere session slowed me down.

  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and back up all OneDrive Homeschool, Blogging, and Beta Reading files. Maintain email below 99 messages. Tertiary goal. Email maintenance.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Primary goal. Star Trek; conversation; flirting; television; Minecraft club. Kids and I went to  preview screening of Hamilton’s America at our state museum.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly online; participate actively in critique group. Secondary goal. Write-in; nothing new in crit group lately.


  • Journal six times each week. Gradually increase meditation to ten minutes six mornings, and four minutes three evenings. Primary goal. Journaling: 4/6; Meditation(morning): 2/6 (ten minutes; it’s getting easier); Evening: 1 two minute session.

  • Fitness: Get a cumulative total of at least 75 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly, 90 minutes thrice weekly. Secondary goal. 75 min: 1/5. Headaches and activities slowed me down.

  • Finish reading/reveling in Hamilton: The Revolution (Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeffrey McCarter). Return to its rightful owner….*sniff*. Side goal. Returned at Sunday’s write-in. I miss it. I need my own.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Submit stories to Dark and Bitter; The Machinery; and World Unknown Review. Primary goal. WUR: In progress.

  • Self-publish “A Splash of Red”; experimental project. Tertiary goal. Spoke with potential illustrator.

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    • That’s exactly the realization I made, too – there’s the need for a space between high-output times, for me. Input and output aren’t simultaneous, and they don’t happen as well as they should when I try to force them.

  1. My gathering times are when I’m making a general outline or brief chapter-by-chapter notes for a new book. Last summer, I was doing just that for my fourth Russian historical, and now deeply regret not striking while the iron was hot instead of waiting for NaNo to start working on it. I was so excited and passionate for this project, I should’ve started soon after completing my notes and starting to do the research. It’s now been on hiatus since late December, and I feel really bad I let it go for so long. At least there’s comfort in the knowledge that my first Russian historical was written over a period of 8.5 years, in three major writing phases, and then needed three years for all the edits, revisions, and rewrites a decade later.

    • I know the feeling of waiting too long. It can be tricky finding my way back – but I’m coming to see that all things happen in their own time. I always learn more in the time away.

      I hope you can find your way back to the story when November gets here.

    • Not so bad. One of those sessions that feels better when I look at the entire list than when I was doing it. This session might be the same – with the debate last night, the Schuyler Mansion today, and Hamilton’s America on PBS tomorrow night (squee!)….well, writing might not have top billing!

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