Every Coin Has Two Sides: #SoCS and #weekendcoffeeshare

This week’s #SoCS prompt is “coin.”

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we’ve got a fresh bag of Death Wish coffee – locally made, and a treat we indulge in from time to time. It’s strong and rich, with a deep brown flavor I love. Come on in – it’s quiet here tonight, and I’m anticipating Saturday Night Live even more than I usually do, because Lin-Manuel Miranda is hosting tonight! I’m expecting at least one Hamilton spoof, and some delicious rhyming.

I’d also say that it’s been an interesting week, and one filled with revelations and fresh perspectives. For instance, I signed up for the Jeopardy! Online Test earlier this year, and this week was the week! The test was hard, but, since I’ve wanted to take it for decades, it feels like a win no matter the results. I’ll never know my score, but, if it “made the cut,” I still might not know for months – even close to a year.

This week has also been interesting in the hometending arena. I’ve been decluttering for a while, and, as fall’s transitional energy took hold, I upped my efforts. Now, I’ve got to the point where I can see order emerging, and, with a few bags of random items discarded, recycled, or donated, I’m also feeling that my life is a bit lighter. After I’d finished my quota in the enclosed front porch, I brought my camp chair in and took in the space for a while –

Have you ever done that? I find it’s very helpful, when I’ve only been thinking about how much mess there was, in this space. When I go sit there, quietly, and just look around…sometimes, that’s when the magic happens.

I see the other side of the coin – and that other side is possibility.

Instead of only the considerable remaining less-than-lovely chaos, I saw what this little space could be, with just a bit of ingenuity, and using only items we already possess. I can make this space, which was a three-season playspace when the kids were little, but evolved into a catchall over the last several years.

Sitting there, with the feelings that surround my current family – with a teen son, and a daughter in her final year of being a pre-teen. A family that might be readying to move cross-country. A family with less need of clutter and floor space, and more need for areas to work on assorted projects – or just to dream. We need a place to set things as we come in or go out, and a place for the balls and bike helmets, lawn tools, camping supplies, and our recycling bin.

It will get bonus points for being welcoming – it’s the first part of the house a visitor will see, and the first one we see as we come and go.

Now I have a plan, and, though it may take another few weeks to enact it, just having one is further motivation to, well, make it so. It also led me to revelations in my study, too!

There was another side of another coin.

Every now and then, there seems to be a spate of bad internet behavior that comes to my space uninvited. For those who only know me through this blog, let me explain – I love the spirited exchange of ideas and perspectives. I think it makes us all better not to lock ourselves only into our own viewpoints, refusing to read or listen to anything that doesn’t match our worldview. I invite that in my online homes – here, and on other social media platforms.

I have only one requirement – that differences of opinions be expressed with respect. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and there’s much to learn from sharing with civility.

This was one of the weeks when some people decided not to respect that requirement. There were two incidents – the first, surrounding some politically-oriented articles I shared, and the second a former classmate who decided to take a vendetta against someone to my Facebook account by tagging me when she realized that this person was on my friends’ list.

Maybe it was the phase of the moon, or a flip of the coin, but the classmate and a poster on the political thread got ugly. In the case of the classmate, I wasn’t even online – mostly, she was arguing with another friend who, like me, is a former co-worker and longtime friend of the person being attacked.

The political poster – well, our politics don’t jibe, clearly. That’s not a problem for me; in fact, the friend who defended the subject of the other attack has nearly diametrically opposed political views to mine, and we’ve been friends for a decade and a half. We’ve had several rather passionate discussions – but we each respect the other as an intelligent individual capable of having a differing perspective.

The interesting thing is that I didn’t get upset by the rudeness the way I would have not so many years ago. I simply wanted everyone to be treated with dignity and respect – and, when my repeated efforts to express that didn’t have any affect other than to bring an escalation, I was given this insult:

“Your thin skinned hippy-liberal-Kumbaya-flower-in-a-gun-barrel Moonbeam routine.”

But here’s the coin-toss – I don’t see that as an insult. I’m not shy about being a liberal by nature and choice. I’ve always loved that image of the intent young woman placing a flower in the barrel of a stone-faced soldier’s weapon. I was born smack between the 1969 Moon Landing and Woodstock – so I guess I can claim my right to being hippy-ish by virtue of birth. And Moonbeam? Can I please have that as my new nickname?! =D

I’m still tickled!

I hope you’re enjoying your coffee well enough to share any coin flips in your life!


    • Thank you, Suzy!
      It was harder than I thought, and rather nerve-wracking – but I’m very glad that I did it. I’ve wanted to for about half my life, but always before made some kind of excuse not to.
      So this was a leap of faith for sure! =D

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