No Pause, Just Purpose: September 25, 2016

Yes, I know that ROW80 Round Three is over. But I seem to thrive on keeping to this Wednesday/Sunday schedule as much as possible, and, since I set monthly goals…here I am, to account for myself.

Life is still outwardly-focused. Wednesday was the only day without an outing: Thursday, my Accomplice and I had our second couples’ workout of the week (went to the Y together, then did our own things, once there). Friday, Lise and I headed back to Yacon Village for homeschool teen/tween day. Saturday, both kids and I headed to Saratoga Battlefield for Hamilton-related Revolutionary War learning, and a good deal of hiking and seeing incredible vistas on a day that was absolutely perfect for it.

Tonight, I’m heading out to my writers’ group, tomorrow is another couples’ workout, and Tuesday Minecraft club at Yacon for the girl.

It looks like I’m going to need to adapt Round Four and 2016 goals to take this new reality into account.

How do you adjust your writing goals, when life changes?

I did complete three Story A Day entries a amid the busy-ness.

Standard disclaimer applies: I don’t own them; I don’t profit from them.


Day 20:

“Vulcans don’t scowl, Trip.”

“Maybe most don’t. Maybe it takes being bonded to a human to make it happen. But you, my love, are one scowling Vulcan lady right now. What’s your problem with fan fiction?”

Day 21:


“There’s no ‘us’ here, Trip. Just you. And you can’t wear T’Pol’s underwear.”

Day 22:

That hit him like a phase pistol blast, and Trip rocked back in his chair. “Oh, hell. Phlox, she didn’t know what I was saying – and I flat-out told her she’s not everything to me. But she is, Phlox. I’ve been driving myself crazy wanting her, wanting to tell her I love her -”


  • Story A Day September 2016 : Write 35 stories this month (the final 5 will be vignettes written on the same day). The IDIC Romance: Cowled: 8; Parted From Me: 8; “Do You?”: 8; A Backdrop of Stars: 6. Hamilton alternate history: Philodosia: 5. Priority goal. 23/35 in progress; Parted: 2/8 in progress; Philodosia: 1/5; Backdrop: 1/6. A bit behind; lots of physical activity away from the laptop.


  • #STaD: Complete the rough sketches for 36 new September stories/chapters/scenes. Develop more detailed plan for each story as its turn comes. Priority goal. 23/35 completed; a bit behind here, too.

Social Media:

  • Blog/Website Transition: Set and keep regular weekly posting schedule; add relevant content to pages. Aim for soft website reveal at end of month. Primary goal. I’m not going to set up a regular schedule until 2017; need time for website transition. Other aspects moving forward slowly.
  • ROW80: Keep updates and sponsor duties up-to-date; check Facebook page every Thursday and Monday. Secondary goal. Update posted; visited everyone on linky; Facebook page Tuesday. Could do better with the Facebook page; it’s not yet habit.
  • Maintain email Inbox below 99 messages; answer blog comments at least three times weekly; Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and comments twice weekly. Side goal. Blog: 1/3; website: 2/3. Twitter, Pinterest, Fanfiction: 1 /2. Having some trouble juxtaposing this with all the physical activity.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete and submit fourth quarter reports; narrative review; and test scores to district by September 15. Deal with correspondence as needed. Primary goal. Letter sent; goal completed at last – WAHOO!!!
  • Beautification: Do the 27 Thing Fling in study, family room, and porch at least thrice a week each room, and in other areas, indoors and out, at least ten times weekly (can include laundry and dishes.) Secondary goal. Family: 3/3; Porch: 2/3; study 1/3. Inside random: 15ish/10, including laundry and dishes; stopped counting after that, but there was more.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Primary goal. Conversation; planning; write-in; workout date; Minecraft club; teen/tween day.
  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Secondary goal. Couples’ workout Thursday; teen/tween day Friday; Saratoga National Historical Park  with both kids Saturday.
  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group; do reviews as requested and available. Tertiary goal. Writer’s group Sunday. Finally a new crit. Will get to that this week, as I pick up my own current revision scene.


  • Write in Abundance and #onegoodcup journals, and meditate for at least eight minutes five times each week. Primary goal. Journaling: 6/5; Meditation 5/5 (with a couple of longer and shorter sessions, I’m calling this week even).
  • Get a cumulative total of at least 60 minutes moderate physical activity 5 days weekly, 75 minutes thrice weekly. Secondary goal. 60 minutes: 5/5; 75 minutes: 3/3 (considerably more on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday) – first week I’ve managed this – WAHOO!!!!
  • Tai chi class, swimming, strength, and/or cardio training for a cumulative total of ten hours. Tertiary goal. Swimming, strength, tai chi, hiking (cardio); 5 /10 hours. After a slow start, I’m making great progress here!
  • Finish reading/reveling in Hamilton: The Revolution (Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeffrey McCarter). Return to its rightful owner….*sniff*. Side goal. I’ve read through “Wait For It” (which seems like a perfect stopping point); page 95/287. Decided I eventually need my own copy of this book!

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Overlooking the Hudson from the Great Redoubt – fortifications that protected the British hospital, supplies, and munitions depot.


    • Yup, progress was made. I have adjusting to do, if we’re going to be keeping this pace up, but that’s all right. It’s good to see my daughter so happy with her new friends, and to have the time to work out with my Accomplice. And I’ve got that lovely achy feeling from all the extra physical activity. =)

      And Trip’s got it right. Maybe most Vulcans don’t scowl, but his does. =)

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