“I CAN’T Think”: Rewinding for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Witt

This month, I’ve been playing Evil Fan Fiction Writer. It started on the first Wednesday of the month, when I shared only two sentences, with no context at all. In case you blinked and missed them, or forgot them, here they are:

“No. Honestly, I’m more interested in the guy in the bathroom.”

I filled in a bit more the next week, and more last week, but we still didn’t find out who that was in the bathroom. And, guess what?

Yup. You got it.

I’m not telling you this week, either.

Except that I’m kidding about that. This is the week you find out who’s behind that door, and consequently the object of Hoshi’s interest.

And, as a bonus, you also get to find out what the bleep he’s doing in there, and get an idea why T’Pol has to go in the first place.

Why am I being so nice? Well, yesterday was my nineteenth wedding anniversary. I felt like giving you a little bit of a gift! ❤

Here’s the standard disclaimer. I don’t own them; I don’t make money on them; I just love them!

WIPpet Math:

Today is August 24, 2016

Twenty-four sentences. Easy-peasy!


I CAN’T Think”


“You wish me to leave you?” T’Pol turned her back on Hoshi to stare at Trip. Her voice sounded like she might cry, and Hoshi remembered her in the aftermath of Trip’s transfer, pacing and crying for a mate she thought she’d lost forever.

“Just feel my mind, tinatinga, and you’ll know what I want. But we’ve gotta make it through the next hour or so, get that damned list from Jon, and get back here or to your place, before we can do that. It’s our likha, remember?” The way he was using those Filipino words, and the way they seemed to soothe T’Pol, made her happy that she’d given them that PADD.

“I’ll go.”

“Malcolm, I need you to go wait in the head – with the door closed. And locked.”

“Trip, you can’t think I -”

“You’re right. I can’t think – and you’ve got no idea how strong these Vulcan instincts are. So go wait in the head with the damned door closed and locked, until my woman is out that door – because I love you, but, if she walks past you, I may have to kill you.”

Hoshi’ had seen Trip angry – it got to be a pretty regular thing right after the Xindi attack. But he wasn’t an angry man by nature, or not by his own nature anyway. On the other hand, T’Pol was standing there, her back arched more than a little, her hands playing with each other behind it. Hoshi could see her face in profile – chin up, and the visible nostril flaring. Her skin had gone a lovely burnished copper.

She clearly liked the alpha-male behavior – which could lead to a dangerous situation, since she’d been clear about not wanting to give in to “my primal nature,” as she’d called it.

“It’s time to go, T’Pol.”

“Go?” T’Pol didn’t even glance in Hoshi’s direction. “My ashayam is here.”

“That’s kind of the problem, pepperpot.”

Will Malcolm go into the head without further protest?

Will he find out that Hoshi finds him ‘interesting’?

Why is Trip being in the room a problem for T’Pol?

Next week, we’ll wrap up with one more snippet from this story, before we go back to Kifo Island to visit with Ava and Donovan in Sea Changes.

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And for more TnT….


  1. Interesting dialogue. So T’Pol is sexually aroused and Trip is ready to satisfy her longing? Will these two ever settle down into a less stressful relationship?Shalom aleichem,Patricia

    • They will….well, more or less. But Vulcans just don’t do these things the way we humans do. Trip transferred, and rejected T’Pol at a time when she was deeply vulnerable. Now, they’re exploring new levels of their relationship, and she’s dealing with some involuntary consequences of the needed adjustments…and so is Trip.
      The problem right now is that they have a meeting with the Captain (who is clueless about their relationship status) in a little over an hour, and they both know that if they give in to "their primal natures," they aren’t going to make that meeting, because, once T’Pol’s fully engaged, at least at this point in her sexual life, she isn’t remotely capable of stopping…
      We don’t know very much about Vulcan sexuality, but everything we DO know suggests it’s not a tame and easily managed business….
      I’m running with that,,,,or T’Pol is. It can be hard to tell, sometimes. 😉

    • I hope you’re ready to run after saying that.Maybe into the bathroom with Malcolm..because I’m thinking an aroused and frustrated T’Pol under stress might not be safe….or, for that matter, stopped by the door….
      On the other hand, Trip does fierce pretty well, doesn’t he? =D

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