Shifting Purposes: July 31, 2016

Hey there, ROWers and others!

But first, he had to get them to a point where they could be alone in the same room without destroying the equipment.

Or each other, for that matter.

I’ve only been making it round to my regular snippet-sharing blog hops sporadically this month, and I’ve missed them. That’s probably understandable, given that I’m at the very end of a four-month creative marathon. I’m returning to those communities this week. As a quick warm-up for that, I decided to start with a couple of my favorite lines from my in-progress fan fiction story, “I Don’t Need Sickbay.” I began this as a quick 700 wordish flash fiction for the Word-High July hop, and it’s swelled into nearly 27,000 words, encompassing several of the stories I meant to write, as the result of an utterly unexpected plot development that sent my human engineer and Vulcan scientist off in a different direction that will eventually tie into my existing stories, “Mission Accomplished” and “Scavenger Hunt.”

I’m shifting directions myself. Tomorrow is August first, and I’ve gotten through another July. It’s my most emotionally turbulent month. Birthdays, death anniversary – and, this year, a sudden shift in my husband’s employment status that’s shifted many things, in many ways, as we reassess…

August -October will be mellower months for me. While there may be challenges, they will be less taxing, and I’ll be focusing more on revisions, critiques, and more low-key writing and plotting. August will also be a month of homeschool administration, and I hope to end it with all back paperwork completed, and current paperwork on track…

A final July update will be posted on Wednesday, as well as my August goals and progress to date. My end of August Round Three update will be posted in one week, on August 7. But, until then, it’s time to tally up my progress through July 30.

This post includes the July goals I interacted with during this session. It’s a streamlined overview of where my energy, time, and focus were. For full versions of my July, Round Three, and 2016 goals, check the links below!


Blogging/Social Media:

  • Answer blog comments and make visits, at least twice weekly. Answered one comment; it’s a start! 1/2. Other things have been dominating; hope to get these caught up after sleep.

  • Interact on Twitter at least once a day, four times each week. If you want to chat with me there; I’m @ShanJeniah. 2/4. See above.

  • ROW80: Revise, polish, and submit Round 3 Sponsor Post. Keep visits and updates current. I still owe visits. I’ll catch up by end of Sunday. I caught up after drafting this.

  • Maintain email at below 123 messages; making good use of folders. Hovering between 300-500ish, since Other Things dominated.

  • Answer story comments weekly, as needed. Prepared to answer the comment, then moved on without actually, you know, answering it.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork (quarterlies; attendance; EOY documentation prep.) End of Year test: reviewing materials and procedures ongoing. Miah engaged in test prep: reviewing Khan Academy mathematics videos. Schedule set that allows post-camping, post vaccination recovery. Narrative assessment complete. Began revising Annalise’s Second quarter report. School district still behind on last year’s IHIP (determination was due 5/25; I’ll notify new superintendent because she may not know) =)
  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, four days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life; remind/support the kids in the pitching-in they’ve agreed to do on my Accomplice’s days off. 4/4: camp stuff, basic hometending, mostly.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Birthday lunch and Star Trek: Beyond with Eden Mabee, who dragged me kicking and screaming into Vulcan-love when we were 13.

  • NNWM local group: Participate in CampNaNo write-ins Tuesdays and Sundays.
  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Chatting, documentary watching.
  • Stained by Ashes: Critique two chapters each week; through Chapter Sixteen. Page 156/253) completed. I had a surge Saturday.


  • Write in Abundance and #onegoodcup journals/and meditate five times each week. 6/5 journals; 2/5 meditation.

  • Strenuous movement: At least an hour five times this month. Swimming, tai chi, yardtending, etc.

  • Moderate activity: At least 45 minutes, 5 times a week. Use my timer. 4/5. Tired after camping.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80 –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

Visit other ROW80 participants, too!


  1. I’m always amazed how much you can write. 27 stories in one month is staggering, even with them all being flash fictions.

    I think I’ll pester you on Twitter. That should help with that goal and maybe we’d both find it amusing. 🙂

    Ugh, the school paperwork. :-/ I have what I can do done, but I’m still waiting to hear from the contact teacher. We’re supposed to meet sometime this month to plan highschool.

    I watched some of your emotional roller coaster on FB & Twitter. ❤ I hope your August will indeed be mellower and the job/move changes won't be anything but positive.

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