A Year of Presence: 2016 Writing Goals End of June Update

I update periodically throughout the year, but at least at the end of each quarter. I’ll adapt, change, add, or delete as my life and progress indicate. This post covers progress only through June 30, 2016; further progress will be contained in future updates.

My ROW80 Round and Monthly goals will be derived from these goals.


  • Write at least 1 story and submit at least 1 story each month in 2016. Fan fiction and self-publishing are acceptable. I’ve got enough for the whole year, already, but will keep going!
  • Kifo Island Chronicles: Write 3 new novels in this series as April, June and July NaNo projects. Write 31 new flash stories for #STaD May; these can be the basis of these or future Kifo stories. A Rising Tide (1/3) completed during JuNoWriMo. The Far Shore (2/3) in drafting; complete through Scene 7/24; 19,093/65,000 words.
  • The IDIC Romance: Write 26 stories for April’s A-Z Challenge; and 30 for #StaD September, using existing threads and ideas with the daily and guest prompts.


  • Plan and Plot “Peach Liqueur Love” prequel story for Chicago Tribune Writing Contest.

  • The IDIC Romance: Plot 25 April and 30 September stories.

  • Kifo Island Chonicles: Plan and plot 3 novels and 31 flash fiction stories. Create timeline and ‘series bible’. Plotting completed for 2/3; 3/3 in early planning. Early exploration of Aeon Timeline; series bible (raw materials and nascent format) beginning with Volume Four planning.

  • Trueborn Warp/Weft Series: Plan/plot Weft #3 (Blood and Breath?) for November. Create rough timelime, focusing on points where the series’ events intersect. See Aeon timeline, above.

  • Plan/plot other projects as needed to meet writing and submission goals. In very early planning stages for one or more fan fiction sequels to “First Contact, With Jazz”. Other stories/projects planned/plotted (mostly fanfiction/blogging.)


  • Submit to crit group weekly; critique and beta others’ work to gain insight into my own. Sporadic in almost absent in June. By August, and the end of this four-month creative intensive, I should be more reliably present there.

  • Revise “Peach Liqueur Love” and its prequel story.

  • The IDIC Romance: Revise “Slow Jazz Awakening” and five other stories. “SJA”, Mission Accomplished”, and “Scavenger Hunt”. Many/6 complete and posted at ff.net.

  • Kifo Island Chronicles: Create revision plan for Sea Changes; print and readthrough for Transitions; print Generations. Currently sharing SC Scene Two as a WIPpet for initial feedback; moving scenes through crit group; one volunteer beta offer; more possible. Scaling back; I’ll focus on Sea Changes for this year.

  • Poetry: Find information about revising poetry. Experiment with revisions of existing Trek poems. Found one source for poetry revision.

  • Chameleon’s Dish (Trueborn Weft : Complete first pass revision; reread and create plan for revision pass 1.5 (cohesion, consistency, etc.) Setting this aside until at least 2017; it’s a much longer epic fantasy series, so I’ll leapfrog my way there with smaller projects.

Social Media:

  • Blog Maintenance: Adapt and keep to regular posting schedule; answer comments, and return visits at least twice weekly. Clear backlog of comments and spam folder. Goal will change as I transition focus to my new website by August.
  • ROW80: Sponsor duties up-to-date throughout the year, including four sponsor posts. Round Three in rewrites.
  • Make regular visitis to others participating in hops and challenges I’ve joined. This could be better.
  • Connect on social media in a natural way that feeds creativity and my passion for sharing thought and experience.
  • Redesign blog, with a focus on bringing in the various facets of my life in a more cohesive manner. Incorporate the best of The Unfettered Life and shanjeniah’s Trueborn Jottings, and let those blogs go. This will change as website evolves.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork, testing, etc. Create Flickr portfolios, by year, or roughly so, for both children. All steps in various stages of progress. Dealing with a balky and contentious school district.

  • Complete resets/reorganizations: study, family room, porch/playroom, and kitchen. All moving along.
  • Personal Administration: Clean, organize, and back up all laptop files; sort email folders; delete excess. Progress.
  • Yard Beautification: Plant edibles and cutting flowers in season; maintain in a presentable manner; declutter outgrown kid-things and random life debris. Lots of weeding. No new plantings this year.
  • Photo digitalization: Scan box of travel photos; save in organized files with backup.
  • Go through all online subscriptions; cancel those we no longer need; at least one each week until done. Deleting the time frame.


  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week.

  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired.

  • NNWM local group: Interact regularly, in person and online; participate actively in critique group and beta reading.

  • Paying it Forward: Offer beta reading, reviews, and promotional posts for other writers. Three beta projects and one review in progress.
  • Reconnect with friends I haven’t seen in longer than I like.


  • Smart Change: Work through at least one habit change using these methods. Initial readthrough complete.
  • Intuitive Eating: Finish reading and begin implementing.
  • Write in Abundance, Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Gradually increase meditation to ten minutes, twice daily.Explore one new meditative practice each month. Added breathwalking. New practices 5/12 months.

  • T’ai chi: Develop a sustainable independent practice; learn the 24 form so I can do it on my own. No new progress; need a trigger for habit.

  • Get a cumulative total of at least 90 minutes moderate physical activity 6 days weekly, and more strenuous activities building to thrice weekly by year’s end. I’m doing moderately active hometending sprints and various more strenuous activites several times a month, up to 45 minutes at least a couple of days each week.

  • Write twice-monthly health-centered blog posts. 5/24 for the year. Behind.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Write and submit one story each month (not necessarily the same story).

  • Submit fan fiction.

  • Self-publish “A Splash of Red”; experimental project. ASOR” is moving through my #8sunday postings, almost finished.

  • Poetry Chapbooks: Do rough setup for Trek poetry chapbook. This is experimental.

Kait Nolan’s ROW80

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!


  1. Lots of blue and green! I’m in awe of you. Especially all the writing, plotting, revising goals. I’m not sure my brain could keep up with so many projects all at once.

    If you find something fantaublous on revising poetry, please let me know. 🙂

    • I have an extremely wide-angle mind. If I don’t have lots of goals, I tend to get hyper-focused on just one, to the exclusion of everything else – and that doesn’t work so well in a family setting! This way, I can focus on one thing if that’s possible or where my mind is, or I can bounce around like a rubber ball, or anywhere in between.

      Not so much writing these last few days. Too many Other Things to really focus. So I’m trying to wrap up some of the other goals, and move things forward, because I know the words are coming….

      And I will certainly let you know if I find anything great for poetry, but it isn’t likely to happen before next month.

  2. Sounds like there are lots of plans in the works. You mentioned doing a poetry chapbook. I’d love to hear more about that one. I wrote a lot of poetry in undergrad, and for one of my classes we actually had to make a chapbook. It was a fun time. Maybe I’ll try it again someday, if I can ever get back into writing poetry. Good luck with your goals, Shan Jeniah!

    • Oh! Maybe I can pick your brain. That goal has mostly just sat there, patiently waiting, while I do Other Things. But once July and the four-month creative marathon are over, I expect to pull together all the Trek poems, get the rest categorized, learn a few things about revising poetry (I’m kind of lost on how to go about it.)

      It’ll fit well with OctPoWriMo, when I will write another poem every day, and hopefully be in a poetic place.

      • Yeah, revising poetry can be a tricky prospect. They’re usually short, so you would think it would be easy, but then every word counts, so you can find yourself endlessly tinkering with each word and line. I’d love to read your chapbook when it’s done. I haven’t done OctPoWriMo yet, but maybe this year is the year! 🙂

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