“You Think I’m Special?”: #WordHighJuly Day 3

Welcome to Word-High Julya chance to explore some lovely Filipino words  – one each day. Clicking the first link will tell you more about the challenge, and the second includes the word list, so you can play along.

Many of these words deal with emotional states in concrete terms…perfect for a Vulcan woman and a human man seeking common emotional ground…so I’m writing 31 sequential flash fiction installments of The IDIC Romance, my Star Trek: Enterprise fan fiction. My introductory post, “Hoshi’s Gift,” gives more information on the challenge, and these characters. You can find a further, somewhat more revealing account of the dinner party in “Captain’s Table; T’Pol’s Room”, but it’s not “final” – I’m revising older stories.

I got a bit behind with this story; it needed a lot of revision, and I wanted to give you the best story I could. I hope not to remain behind!

By the way, standard disclaimers apply. I don’t own the characters, but they certainly like putting stories in my head. I write fan fiction for passion and joy, not money, to share what I love about this inter-species couple. My fan fiction has always been, and ever shall be, totally free – my gift to you!

Disclaimer: These words and these photos are from a lovely article by BuzzFeed titled 36 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The Philippine Language. All credits goes to them.

That takes care of the essentials, so on with story #3. T’Pol’s timpi seems to have vanished in a rather epic way…and there is a revelation.

If you like this story, stop in at my fanfiction.net page,  where you can find many more TnT stories.

“You Think I’m Special?”

Rated PG-13 for suggestiveness and mild language

Trip Tucker was finally managing to catch his breath. Then reality re-integrated around him and snatched it away again with one distinct thought: This one was going to be damned near impossible to explain to the Cap’n.

That was followed by another. They were in all kinds of trouble here – because here was all tangled up, in their altogether, as his Grandma Tucker used to put it, on the deck plating in the Jon’s private Mess.

He was pretty sure the woman with one pointed ear planted firmly against his chest was still too far gone to have any idea the mess they were in – or the Mess, either, for that matter. No, she was otherwise occupied listening to her favorite music – a human heart that might stop trying to pound its way out of his chest sometime next week. She wasn’t demanding her “More, more, more,” so she might actually be satisfied.

Trip brushed his lips over her rumpled hair. “Better, now?”

T’Pol curled deliciously into him, and tipped her head to study him with wide, warm hazel eyes. She never looked at anyone else this way. “Tinatangi,” she said on a sighing exhalation.

“Huh?” Trip wanted to smack his head for his complete lack of wit. Then again, T’Pol’s kiss swollen lips twitched into the tiniest of smiles, so maybe he wasn’t so witless after all.

Tinatangi. From the Mutually Acceptable Emotional Vocabulary.” Her voice was soft and deeper than usual – her satisfied voice only he got to hear. Made him damned proud, knowing that.

“I don’t remember seeing that one. What’s it mean?”

“Ashayam.” That was a sigh, too. She was giving every indication that she was a very satisfied woman.

Hey, you called me that earlier. It’s Vulcan, right?” Trip couldn’t resist pulling her up onto his body. The damage was already done, after all, and since Jon wasn’t here anymore, maybe he was giving them time before they had to face the fallout of her timpi’s inevitable explosion.

“Yes.” Her paired fingers traced his ear, and now it was him who shivered into her touch.

“You gonna tell me what either one of them mean, or am I supposed to guess?”

“Both mean, ‘special one.’” That tiny smile got a tiny bit bigger. The way it transformed her face was, in a word, fascinating.

“So you think I’m special, do you?” Trip just knew his own grin had to be pretty damned ridiculous. First she’d said she wanted him to come back, then she’d planted a damned passionate kiss on him right in the middle of the corridor. After that, the disastrous dinner that ended here on the deck plating.

“Do you believe you’d be here with me if you weren’t?” All of a sudden, she seemed to realize where they were. She tensed up. “My altered status has caused you considerable difficulty, ashayam.”

She started to get up, but Trip tightened his arms around her. “Please don’t go yet.” He couldn’t hold her by force, and he wouldn’t want to, anyway, but she stopped. Still tense, though. “We’re here together, tinatangi.”

That brought her head up, and her eyes zeroed in on him, her lips parting slightly as her breath caught. Damn, but she was beautiful like this. “That’s right. I think you’re pretty special, too. You know you’re not the only woman I’ve ever been with, but I hope to hell that you’re the last one, because I can’t imagine feeling about anyone else the way I do about you, pepperpot – or should I say ashayam?”

She leaned in to kiss him again – sweet and slow. It was apparently exactly what he should have said – because it was another two and a half hours before they managed to stagger out of the Captain’s Mess. They didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t still in a mess. It just didn’t bother Trip that much, right now. Something big had shifted between them, and, instead of worrying about it, they went back to her quarters to fall asleep in one another’s arms.


    • I’m glad.for them, and for you. That dinner was quite a disaster, or a revelation, depending, I guess, on whom you ask!

      The clip is one of my favorite moments. I like to keep track of Trip and T’Pol’s verbal sparring. Often, T’Pol wins (all that logic’s got to be good for something, right?). This round, though, went to Trip, for sure – and he even got a kiss into the bargain!

      I’m hoping to get caught up today, but this is a busy week with the birthday doings, not to mention that I’m also behind on the novel projects and have a small mountain of homeschooling paperwork to get through in the next few weeks.

      Good thing I like to be challenged! =D

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