Proof I’m Feeling Better: June 12, 2016

Hey there, ROWers and others!

I’ve simplified my June goals (well, simplified for my wide-angle norm, anyway.)

I post only goals I’ve interacted with in some way. That leaves space to chat with you, and I get a streamlined overview of where my energy, time, and focus were spent, and where to put my attention next.

I‘m feeling better. Beginning Wednesday, I had more energy for hometending, and my head cleared enough so that I could make some actual progress on my writing projects. My home is tidier and a bit more orderly, and I’ve got words and planning piling up, and some loose ends and smaller tasks snipped, tucked in, or wrapped up.

I’ve also been having a wonderful time, the last two days, enjoying the Hamilton soundtrack. I’m in no position to get tickets, but I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the soundtrack in my friend Shannon’s car as we carpool to our writing group. Of course, we also have a lot of shop talk, and I finally decided it was time to get the whole two scoops, so to speak.

I’m inspired. I feel deep things moving in me, rising and taking shape. They’re bound to crop up in unexpected places in my life, and I’m excited to see what they bring.

Have you been inspired by something lately?

Do you see its imprint on your writing?

In other areas of your life?


  • JuNoWriMo #1: Complete draft of A Rising Tide (Kifo Island Chronicles #4).Scenes 22/24 in progress. 44,514/ ~65K words. (11, 300/ 50K JuNo words. Moving into the resolution; things will slow down a bit from the frantic rush of the last few scenes.) Hope to be done with this by next Sunday.


  • JuNoWriMo: Plan/plot The Far Shore: 24 scenes, using The Writer’s Coloring Book Quincette‘s character mapping sheets completed. Theresa’s done, excepting Setting, which is in progress. This will be a major focus over the next few days.


  • Revise/organize Love and Loss and A Backdrop of Stars. Complete a revision pass “First Contact, With Jazz”, using crit group notes; submit for beta reading. LAL: Chapter 2/20 complete at a bit over 6K. ABOS: “Almost Enough” major rewrite; published as “Plomik Broth and Chamomile Tea.” 

Blogging/Social Media:

  • Answer blog comments and make visits, at least four times weekly. Sunday, Monday; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; Friday 6/4.

  • Interact on Twitter at least once a day, three times each week. If you want to chat with me there; I’m @shanjeniah. 7/3; follow, sprint, sprint hosting on #JuNoWriMo, like, RT, converse, reply, change header, and share.

  • ROW80: Keep visits and updates current.

  • Maintain email at below 123 messages; making good use of folders.

  • Answer story comments at least twice weekly. 2 /2.

  • ROW80: Draft, polish, and submit Round Three Sponsor Post. Expanded outline; highlighted actionable places. Drafting/research; page 2/3. Rough revisions, rewriting as I go.


  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life; remind/support the kids in the pitching-in they’ve agreed to do on my Accomplice’s days off. 6/5; stronger Wednesday Saturday, once my health improved.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Vet appt. for kitten. Planning for next weekend has commenced; more later.

  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Shopping, planning, sorting books; conversation; Frisbee and bubbles; writing in cursive.


  • Write in Abundance, Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Meditate ten times weekly. Progress weekly with FutureLearn Mindfulness class. 7/7 Journaling; 8/10 meditation. Less breathwalking due to healh/weather.

  • Moderate activity: At least 45 minutes, 5 times a week. Use my timer. Hometending; yardtending, dancing, walking, etc. 4/5; sick early in week. Wednesday (doubled or more Thursday-Saturday).

Leaps of Faith:

  • Website/blog interface: Begin linking feature posts to website; this month is for experimenting. Reblog draft saved for playing with in odd moments.

  • Oregon bound Burtons: Clean one common and one personal shelf, drawer, bin, or flat surface each week. Completed two shelves in the common bookcase; and in mine. Made up for last week. =D

Kait Nolan’s ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

See other participants’ goals updates here!


  1. A theme seems to be emerging this week — of coming to terms with what is possible — yet making progress. As usual, your goals and weekly commitments show amazing commitment and steady progress, as well as a willingness to let go of those things that are truly less important. May you be blessed with good health and good ideas in the coming week.

    • I like options. =) And I like letting go of what can’t happen just now. Some will stay gone, and some will be adapted, and others will come back when the time is better.

      I don’t like to feel defeated; it’s a waste of time and energy that I can use for the things that are priorities right now.

      You certainly add happy to my life whenever you stop by, Beth! =D

    • I second that wholeheartedly (if still a bit stuffily,) Dale!

      It was maybe worse for my daughter, who missed her best friend’s dance recital because she didn’t want to expose anyone. That was a hard decision for her to make.

      Fortunately, we don’t get sick very often around here…but when something gets all four of us, that’s just not fun.

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