Touching Base: Returning to Mindful Monday

At long last, the return of Mindful Monday…

It’s not that I haven’t been mindful – quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s more that I haven’t been being mindful publicly, here.

Sometimes, it’s not as useful to spend the time to crow about changes in perspective and new insights as it is to give myself the time and space to go deeply into them, to see where they lead me before I bring them out into the light of day, and invite others to express their opinions on them.

New ideas can be very fragile. Just as newborn babies must be held in certain ways to be safe and secure, I need to cradle my new ideas and insights, sometimes, until they’re strong enough to share.

No, they’re not quite ready yet – but I can see a place on the not-so-distant horizon where they will be. Right now, they’re growing by leaps and bounds, like our daughter’s new kitten. They’re getting stronger and more capable, and, maybe, before too long, I’ll be ready to share.

Until then, I just wanted to touch base, and remind myself that sometimes being mindful means being intensely with myself, and my life, and not sharing just everything.

May your week be mindfully lovely!
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