The Proof’s the Thing: April 20, 2016

Hey there, ROWers and others!

OK, I’m still behind – and I’m not, at the same time.

How can that be?

Well, I spent a lot of the last two days gathering information and pulling things together for the homeschooling reports and in preparation for the New York State primaries. I’ve dozed for about an hour and a half in the last two days, watched some Enterprise, had some profound, stressful, needful, and silly conversations, and – well – not so much else happened.

But sometimes, proof’s the thing we need, and that takes precedence.

It’s after midnight, now. I’ll either finish that 99,999 word count for April, or I won’t. But I will have lived, and learned, and grown, and stretched closer to my goals…and isn’t that really the point?

Have you ever set most of your goals aside to focus on only one or two?

Have you faced the possibility of not meeting a goal that’s important to you?

How do you deal with that?


  • Write or adapt remaining A-Z Boldly Go expansion stories. Moving along here; Trip and T’Pol have lots to say, and they aren’t the shy, retiring type. 16/26;A-P drafted.

  • Foul Deeds Will Rise: Trueborn Weft Series #2: Finish this draft as part of Camp. Scene 40/50 in progress. Will begin once A Rising Tide is drafted.


  • The IDIC Romance: Complete plot/pinch points for 26 stories stories, as needed to complete writing goal above. I’m deciding on a case by case basis as I go. Through U, if I choose to use them; 21/26 complete.

  • Keep eyes open; plan Story A Day May Kifo Island stories, purchase ebook if available before month’s end. Nothing new this week.


  • Complete revisions for “Peach Liqueur Love”.

  • The IDIC Romance: Revisions as needed to complete writing goal above. Currently revised through P;16/26 complete.

Blogging/Social Media:

  • Answer blog comments and make visits, at least every other day. I’ve dabbled, trying not to totally lose touch.

  • ROW80: Keep visits and updates current; draft, revise, and submit Round Two Sponsor Post. Fell a bit behind; will be caught up by Sunday.

  • Blogging From A-Z: Complete all Minioning duties in a timely manner. A little off pace again; will be caught up later today.

  • Maintain email at below 333 messages; making good use of folders. Still managing this one easily.

  • Answer story comments at least twice weekly. 0/2. None yet this week.


  • Homeschool Administration: Complete all pending paperwork. Time to finish this; gathered email and resources.
  • Continue decluttering/beautification projects; in home and/or yard, five days weekly. Continue making improvements to our home and our quality of life. General maintenance; organization; decluttering. 2/5. The basic stuff.
  • Go through all online subscriptions; cancel those we no longer need; at least one each week.


  • Continue planning/ attending outings (personal and family) as desired. Annalise has a birthday party/sleepover planned this weekend. I voted, and have a family party this weekend, as well.

  • NNWM local group: Attend write-ins regularly, and check in on the Facebook group as inspired, submit “Peach Liqueur Love”, and critique as possible for our small crit group. Write in at Denny’s. Critiquing is on hold for the moment; I’ll resume by Sunday. Setting “PLL” aside for now.
  • My beloveds: One on one time with each, doing something of value to us both, each week. Snuggles, conversations, canoodling, walking, Littlest Pet Shop play; movies and videos.
  • Complete 1 pending book review. That would be the excellent Slave Again, by Alana Terry. One will break the ice.


  • Write in Abundance, Intentions, and #onegoodcup journals seven times each week. Meditate seven times weekly. Explore one new meditative practice. Journaling 2/7; meditation: 4/7. Began exploring new practice; BreathwalkingMissed Tuesday, since it was more or less just an extension of Monday, since I never went to bed.

  • Tai chi practice: One class and one at-home practice each week.

  • Swim twice, at least 500 meters (10 complete laps at Y pool).

  • Focus on sprints of activity daily (hometending, dancing, tai chi, walking, whatever), and more strenuous activities I enjoy, like swimming and hiking, twice monthly. Hometending sprints; 1 /2 strenuous.
  • Read: Smart Change and Gift From the Sea. Finished both; simmering and absorbing.

Leaps of Faith:

  • Fan fiction stuff: Offer 26 stories at 16/26 stories (or new chapters for stories; which I’m counting) submitted; getting mostly good, and mostly useful, feedback. =D

  • Initial beta reading of Stained by Ashes. Not sure I can get to this during April, which is why it’s here.

  • Play with website building. Brief exploration of Weebly’s site.

  • 2016 Story A Day Prompts: Complete readthrough of book; mark typos; send back; draft review materials (Amazon and blog post); have all completed before April 23 (launch date). Thoroughfare complete. 100% marked for typos. Sent message regarding marked draft.

  • New: Read both candidates’ websites prior to Tuesday’s New York primary. It took me most of a night and a day (my choices both have extensive websites). I’ve voted!
  • New: Use standing desk one work session 3 days per week.

Kait Nolan’s  ROW80  –

The Writing Challenge That Knows You Have a Life!

See other participants’ goals updates here!



  1. Have you ever set most of your goals aside to focus on only one or two?
    I had to set aside most of my solo writing to focus on my cowriting project. I couldn’t get my mind to jump back and forth the way it would have needed to.

    Have you faced the possibility of not meeting a goal that’s important to you?
    Publishing Faerie Blood on November 17th, 2014. And then a spring 2015 deadline. And then a summer 2015 deadline. And then just sometime before the end of 2015. *sigh* Faerie Blood turned into a drama fest that caused three severe anxiety attacks.

    How do you deal with that?
    Not well. 😛 I have to go through a mourning process that’s pretty close to the process you’d go through if you lost a loved one. Not to the same magnitude, of course, but not as far down the scale as you’d expect, either (hence anxiety attacks). If other people are involved in the project, it’s MUCH worse. I hate letting people down and I feel like I do it a lot. If I’m working with others, the denial, anger, bargaining, and depression stages are about 4 times as long and intense.

    But I see all sorts of blue and green on your goals. It’s hard for me to look at all that progress and connect it to being behind.

    (Excellent book choice for your review, by the way. 🙂 )

  2. I love the 333 email messages, Shan. That is so very you. I don’t think I’ll ever get my inbox down to that 22 I always said I wanted. But I can bear a little 32323 😉

    As for failure… there’s a difference, imho, between failing to reach a goal according to an arbitrary scheduled time and really failing. Maybe it’s because I have lower standards for myself… but I don’t think so. Sometimes things do have their specific times and the world needs to stop for them to be dealt with.

    Sounds a bit like what you’ve been dealing with, possibly

    • That Triple-three does make me happy! =)

      Which one was 32323 again?!

      I’m OK with not making the goal, when I need to put my focus more on other, more time-sensitive things. The world doesn’t exactly need to stop, but, sometimes I need to be a grown up and take care of grown up things, and this is one of them.

      But you know me. I DO want to finish. =)

      • True. I feel the same way… It’s part of why I wrote the check-in I did this week. Because sometimes… I have to let go.

        I forget which one 32323 was… maybe our failed attempt at a Star Wars folder? No… that doesn’t feel right either. OH! It was the one where BOTH Atyr and AJ lose their minds and reverted back to kids because some super(-silly) cosmic force said they shouldn’t love mortals and they had to be “remade” into something more perfect than they had been….

        Conceptually, the idea is pretty nauseating, but… well, I seem to remember it playing out fairly well at the time. I’ll check… I think it’s one I actually typed in.

      • Looking… yes… I have the complete 32323 files (in WordPerfect 5 format, so Word can open them even though the file names are weird), if you want them. Pretty scary stuff. 😉

        And I need to send you that picture of Marcus and Annalise too, so, I could send you the whole thing, if you’d like.

        Also have the whole Research Paper on Weird Responses…. that’s a beast though.

        Not much of Holograph. I couldn’t do much with the pencil writing. Hurt my eyes…

  3. This Round I was going to have one main goal for each month, and so far I am failing miserably at my one goal for April. That’s because, even though we tell ourselves there is only one goal, there are still all these other things which sneak into our lives which need to be done too. Oh, well, I can shoot for May’s goal, I guess.

    • That’s exactly why I have so many goals! It doesn’t always work, because there are always Other Things I didn’t think of, but I can usually point at something on my list that I accomplished.

      May you manage to move that April goal forward, and may May bring a blooming of progress, too! =)

      Boldly Going Through the Alphabet!
      Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes
      shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

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