Quitting: Boldly Go #atozchallenge Day Seventeen

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Captain’s Log: April 20, 2016

These are the fan fiction voyages of the starship Enterprise (NX-01),  the first Warp Five capable Terran craft. Humans are now able to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go….

I don’t own Enterprise or her crew. No monetary profit is gained from these stories. I just want to share my passion for these characters and their world.

Still using the timeline as it exists (I need to check back with the folks at Aeon Timeline!). This story is a missing scene between the end of Season Four, Episode 14, The Aenar”, and Episode 15, “Affliction”. Spoilers for “The Aenar”.

T‘Pol needs to talk to Trip about his pending transfer – because the Captain has asked her to, and for personal reasons. But he won’t let her near him, and she knows he’s quitting…


(420 words)

Trip was quitting.

The knowledge was a jagged pain in T’Pol’s soul. It was sharp as fragments of obsidian shaken from the cliffs of the Forge, when there was a major seismic disturbance of the tectonic plates.

She watched him as she spoke to the third candidate to assume his position, Lieutenant Kelby. The conversation was perfunctory, an excuse. Captain Archer wanted her to speak to Trip, but he was at the far end of the warp core casing. It was not possible to be further from her position, and still be in Engineering.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do,” he’d said, when she entered and asked to discuss efficiency ratings with him. “And our next Chief Engineer is going to have to learn how to listen to Vulcans, so this is pretty damned efficient.” He’d given her no opportunity to say anything further.

Perhaps she could dull the slicing edges of his utter rejection by refusing to see it in any other than Vulcan terms.

Chief Engineer Tucker was transferring to another ship, and a replacement must be trained. As he said, she was assisting him with the process. It was most efficient, and most logical.

But that was hollow solace, and did nothing to ease the dull slicings of pain.

Trip wasn’t transferring to Columbia.

He was quitting.

And it had nothing to do with which starship he served on.

Trip was quitting her.

She’d tried to speak on it, as Captain Archer had asked her to do. But he wouldn’t allow her that. He wouldn’t open the door to his quarters, and he avoided the Captain’s table and the Mess Hall, except during the busiest of hours, when there was no opportunity to speak privately. Her messages to him went unread. He had never closed her off from his life with such finality and totality.

T’Pol knew, beyond all logic and all doubt, that she was the cause of his impending departure. She could feel it in his stiff back, turned to her. She’d smelled it in his scent when he directed her to Kelby. It was in the way he had walked past her on the way to the Mess Hall, when they were working on the telepresence unit. There was something that he needed that she hadn’t provided.

She hadn’t known it was possible to feel the loss of someone so wholly, when they hadn’t even gone yet.

But he had.

Trip was transferring from Enterprise, but he had already quit her.



For an added treat, visit other blogs on the #atozchallenge roster. There is a huge diversity to choose from, and I think that’s something T’Pol would find most agreeable, indeed.


  1. Don’t tell me that they separate and go separate ways. Is there no good ending for these two? I am beginning to think I don’t want to see the re-runs after all. I like happy endings.

    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge.

    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

    • Real life doesn’t usually come with happy endings; they tend to be bittersweet at best. And there are always ups and downs.

      This is a down. A big one, for both of them. One of those moments when being of completely different species is really getting in the way…

      That said, if you watch the reruns, know from the beginning that the last episode was horrifically written, and generally ignored or worked around in the fandom, because it’s just WRONG on many many levels.

      The two before it, though – heart-wrenching, and very real. VERY real, and I say that as someone who’s been in a similar situation…

      Today’s story deals with that…it will be up in a few hours, since I have been out with my girl, who is spending the next couple of days with one of her best friends.

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