Travel Thursday- Red Rocks & Waterfalls

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might know that my Accomplice and I were engaged in a fern-draped grotto somewhere below Mooney Falls, and that I’ve always thought he picked that spot because he knew I needed his help to get back up the cliff!

Here’s a bit of what made the place so stupendously magical….

The Richness of a Simple Life

This is the first time I’ve written a post that isn’t scheduled ahead in a while! I’m off today and still woke up at 5:45 am. I decided to write my post but got distracted and now it’s 7:40 and I’m just getting to this. May I be quick so I can have this written by the time the girls wake up!

Before you read any further, can you take a look at the image below and guess where this is? When you look at it, what country do you think it’s in? Tall mountainsides, sparse but beautiful greenery, red rocks and dusty sand.

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    • It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced. And there are many wonderful places to hike in Arizona – I haven’t lived there in nearly 20 years, and I wasn’t there even a year, but I have moments of homesickness for it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed your little peek into the Canyon’s secret treasures!

  1. Thank you for sharing! That is so funny! I’m sure the thought crossed his mind 😉

    Are you participating in the kindness challenge? Just saw your tweet feed as I was scrolling through your blog. My you will be one busy bee come April, A-Z challenge and Camp NaNoWriMo? Wishing you lots of creativity!

    • Spring is my creating season. =D My NaNo project is plotted and pretty much ready; I know I can write a couple thousand words a day easily, and sometimes up to 13K (if all of life flows perfectly.) I’m not as far along with A-Z, but the Vulcan in my head is stubborn, and she tends to get her way where I’m concerned. I do have rough drafts of all the stories, so I’m working through revisions and setting up posts rather frantically. What will be interesting is seeing how the out-of-state weekend to visit friends and go to the Philadelphia Zoo is going to impact things – my Accomplice is a chef, and doesn’t get weekends off, so the kids and I go alone – a five hour drive each way. My goal is to be enough ahead by then that I can slow down and enjoy the weekend and the company.

      And, yup, you’ve got me for the challenge. I shared on my FB feed, too, because I tend to have lots of kindness-oriented folks there. =D

      • I hope you’re able to get as far ahead as you plan so you can enjoy that trip with your kids to the zoo with your friends. It’s too bad your accomplice has to miss out, I’m sure you’ll take plenty of pictures to piece the adventure back together for him.

        Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t care if I don’t get a single follower out of the challenge but I do hope that it reaches as many people as possible because I’m very passionate about living a kinder life. I’m very excited about it 🙂

        • My Accomplice isn’t a social butterfly, so he’s OK not going, and he’ll have a few evenings to himself. We’ll take pictures, and bring back stories, and all be happy to be together again.

          If I fall behind during our trip, that’s OK. When I started focusing on writing, I promised myself that it wouldn’t be at the expense of my family. I’m not doing ten hours of driving to ignore my friends, and, fortunately, they are also an unschooling family who have no trouble with me hanging out in the kitchen (my friend is a classic baking Jewish mama with an awesome kitchen!) with the laptop. She says she’s always wanted to be a patron of the arts, and it tickles her that I write parts of novels at her house. =D And the kids both have friends there, so they’ll be doing their own thing a good deal of the time.

          You have one person doing this with you – and I so know what you mean about being passionate regarding kindness. Life is just so much sweeter this way!

          • It’s like we are living parallel lives. I’m the social butterfly while my hubby is quite content being a functioning introvert- I say functioning because I push him out of his comfort zone a bit with being so social. I often want to go back to unschooling, I hope that it’s in the cards for us…overseas that’s not acceptable where I live and the last thing I need is having authorities at my door because I’m a “neglagent” parent for not sending my daughter to school. I do continue to unschool her even though she attends school truth be told. I can’t get over the homework she brings home, questions phrased in a way that result in only one train of thought and one answer being acceptable. For example, one point was to ask a question that resulted in the answer being “My favorite breakfast is french toast”. The question being obvious. But why not put an answer that could result in a variety of questions so each child’s imagination could lead them to a question? I always tell her that’s what they want the answer to be but what’s your answer? haha that way she get’s it right for the sake of the grade but she’s learning how to think for herself and not let herself be restricted by boundaries, expectations or coarse her mind to go in a way it wouldn’t go on its own.

            I’m so glad you’ve joined! I wasn’t sure how to do the sign up process so I have people signed up in a couple of other posts before I created the sign up page, I think we are 5-10 so far 🙂

          • My Accomplice likes US. That’s the important thing. =) Our son is a lot like him; he spends lots of time happily in his room, and, though he has friends as far away as Nepal, he’s content to talk with them here and there, and visit occasionally.

            So you treat school like a game that doesn’t make a lot of difference beyond the walls. I love it!

            Because my family of origin doesn’t like the changes we’ve made, and because it’s a very dysfunctional dynamic, we’ve had Child Protective Services come to our door on three separate occasions. Each time, there was an investigation; each time, the claims were declared unfounded. It was pretty clear right off that things had been exaggerated, that the kids are smart and confident and close to their parents, that they get enough to eat, and that, even though neither has ever attended school, learning is a vital part of our family dynamic. Once, the kids negotiated for a raise in their allowances (successfully!), and gave the social workers boxes of raisins to take home with them!

            It was intrusive, but not so scary. The first visit was the worst; we didn’t know what to expect, and the case worker was intimidating. The last two times, we had the same case worker; she lives in our town, and we all wished we’d met her under different circumstances, so we could be friends!

            Not that I liked the process, but there’s a certain vindication in having it proven that things are fine here – three times over!

            Here’s a funny: My favorite breakfast actually IS French toast!

            Once I’ve had a bit of sleep, I’ll make sure I signed up in the right place, or you can ping me if you don’t see my name where you need it to be.

          • I like that! The important thing is he likes us-cracked me up!

            Oh my goodness! What an unnerving situation! That’s funny I guess I do think of school that way. I go through all of the motions (today is parent-teacher conferences) I’ll go, play nice and then go home and talk to my daughter about everything she’s done to work so hard to get where she is, hardly any of it being related to school. Want something to add to your funny? The scenario was real but I couldn’t remember what breakfast food they named so I filled it in with my childhood favorite breakfast food 🙂

            That’s a good idea to ping back to the people that have already signed up, I just made a mental note because I didn’t want them to have to do it again because I was still working on the details…

          • I’d rather not deal with CPS, but I’m glad it’s worked out every time, and the kids have gotten to a point where it’s not so stressful for them (they were much younger the first time, and we didn’t know what to expect at all; that was the worst).

            School isn’t nearly as important as many of those involved in it think it is; especially in this internet world, where kids have a much leveler playing field for acquiring information. I love that the important accomplishments of your daughter’s life don’t center around school. I know my family of origin thinks nothing much is going on here, because we don’t talk about this club or that grade or some award or another, but I see everyday that Miah and Lise are getting deeper and more confident in themselves, and that they are learning the things they need to know, rather than what the school board says they need to know well enough to pass a test.

            It doesn’t give the kind of accolades a parent could crow about, but then, I don’t want to crow. I’d rather just enjoy my kids while they’re still living here, still intensely growing and becoming more and more who they are.

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