“Ava?”: Sea Changes (Kifo Island Chronicles Volume 1) for WIPpet Wednesday

Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday, a weekly blog hop which encourages writers to move WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.We’re led by the capable fingers and nimble mind of Emily Witt.

Happy Wednesday once again!

It’s not actually Wednesday as I’m typing this. It’s the magical time of day when afternoon fades to prevening, on a sunny, warm Saturday. My daughter and I will be going for a walk soon, and tomorrow we have an early in the first day of Daylight Savings bowling birthday party to attend.

Why I am I typing my WIPpet Wednesday post on Saturday, you ask?

Well, it’s now a bit over a third of the way into March, and then comes April. And that’s rather a Big Deal. I’ll be doing CampNaNo and the Blogging From A-Z Challenge, and serving as a ROW80 Sponsor, as usual…

But I’ll also be expanding on those A-Z posts, and serving as a Part-Time Minion for Holton’s Heroes.

Now it’s early hours Tuesday. Sunday was swallowed up in the party (much fun) and our weekly writing group (more fun, and lots of inspiration). Monday was a restful day of delving back into writing, that still hasn’t ended, which is why I’m here now to share another snippet from Donovan Nash in Sea Changes.

Donovan is one of my favorite Kifo Island characters. He had a major supporting role in both of my previously drafted Kifo stories. Now, he gets his own story (well, shared with Karina, and maybe someone else, but still, he’s finally the star he was always meant to be!)

For those who’ve forgotten, or are new here, the premise:

In advocating for a dying girl seeking emancipation from controlling parents, can an overburdened young woman and a lonely young man find a future together?


This passage is NaNo rough. My plan is to begin creating a revision plan this month or next. That said, any input is gratefully accepted!

WIPpet Math:

  • Today is March 16, 2016
  • I‘ve got the next 17 sentences of Donovan’s story today – sixteen for the date, and one because I’m bestowing the luck of the Irish upon you a day early.

Context: Donovan has set his thoughts of the young Russian woman aside, as he waits at the door for his appointment to begin. And now…


“Please come in,” said a soft voice through the intercom. “I’m not able to get to the door quickly.”

“I understand.” Donovan wondered at someone who wouldn’t check his credentials, but this wouldn’t be the first trusting soul he’d met here, and he always tried to be worthy of that trust. “My name is Donovan Nash, and I have an appointment with Ava Garcia.”

“That’s me.” The voice sounded young, and tired, but Donovan had been here on Kifo for nearly three years, now, and he knew that voices could be very deceiving. “I’m in the front room. It’s the darkest; I was told you preferred that.”

“Thank you,” he said. It had been a long time since he’d tried explaining that it was a need rather than a preference. It would likely be obvious, when she saw him, or it wouldn’t.

Donovan opened the door and stepped inside. It was pleasantly dark, with all the windows shuttered and only filtered sunlight coming into the room through the slats, and even that muted by the shades.

The space was open, and he saw a small person sitting in a chair in a darker corner of the room. There was another chair facing. “Ava?”

Is the small person Ava?

Why is Donovan here?

Why does he know so much about people on Kifo?

What’s next?

Some of these questions may be answered – and others will certainly be posed- next week, so be sure to come back then to learn more of Donovan’s story.

To read Donovan’s scene in its entirety, just follow the links:

Want more WIPpets? You can find them, and even add your own date-related excerpt if you’re so inclined, by following the little blue froggy from WIPpet to WIPpet to WIPpet!

And, in honor of Eire, it seemed appropriate to share some Irish music!


    • Just noticed that you and Ava share a surname. Cool! I didn’t plan hers, she came to me with her name, age, and the basic fact of her existence and presence here on Kifo Island…which I’ll be sharing more of, next week.

  1. I really like Donovan. I can definitely understand how he feels resigned over “preference” vs need. I think that’s how so many of us who have health issues/disabilities/etc. feel about constantly explaining.

    I’m interested to see how his conversation with Ava goes.

    • Donovan has definitely had more of that than he wanted. So did my late fiance, who had cystic fibrosis. And many others…

      When I was a teen and started getting migraines (before I knew the name of those slaying headaches), my father would tell me that I was lazy and whining, and that I just needed to take an aspirin and get on with my life. Needless to say, he doesn’t get migraines.

      I think a little of all those things went into Donovan’s story, plus my having had a friend who was albino and open about her needs, and a not so long ago documentary I watched about African albinos and the prejudices, ostracization, and abuse they suffer from those ignorant to their condition.

      And Ava is an interesting character with interesting and possibly unexpected views…but I’m getting ahead of myself…

  2. I like the image of him rolling his eyes at people thinking he just “likes the dark”. I overheard a similar conversation at work recently, where someone said “Well, I can alter the roster if you prefer to only be on the desk” and this person had to reiterate that it’s not that she prefers it, it’s that due to issues with her wrists, she literally can’t do the duties that the person in the secure room attached to the reading room has to do (lifting heavy boxes, etc). I think she’s as resigned as Donovan to having people not get it.

    Good luck in April! I’ll probably be spending it trying to write a 3000 word cemetery study that will count towards 50% of my grade for this semester. I just wish writing 3000 word uni assignments was as easy as writing 3000 words of prose!

    • I’m not sure Donovan would ever resort to rolling his eyes visibly. More likely, he’d set it aside until his next meditation session (more about those at some later point), and deal with it then. He’s a nice guy, after all – and, often, too nice for his own comfort. Something that may cause him trouble long the way….

      But it IS refreshing on those rare occasions that someones “gets” him without any need for explanations. I imagine it’s the same for your colleague.

      It’s not fun, for some folks, to have to go into their weaknesses ad infinitum.

      Your cemetery study sounds interesting. Will you be in actual cemeteries? That could be fun! But the writing of the study – I imagine that will be about as lively as our homeschool reports!

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