Food, Fascination, Flight: #LoIsInDaBl Day 27 and #SoCS

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This is also my entry for today’s Love Is In Da Blog. Today’s prompt is Goodbye Love.

Food, Fascination, Flight: #LoIsInDaBl Day 27 and #SoCS

One year ago, I was sitting on a hard plastic chair in the Portland, Oregon airport, surrounded by my family and our luggage. We had about 20 minutes before we would board the first of two planes home, and, since we’d had extremely spotty internet access for the whole of our trip, I had my laptop out and was catching up on Facebook when I read something that shifted my reality.

Leonard Nimoy was dead.

Of Ambassador V’Lar, T’Pol told Captain Archer. “Vulcans don’t have heroes.” She went on to explain that the older woman had set her on a course that led her to Enterprise.

For T’Pol, Ambassador V’Lar’s existence reshaped her life, made her someone she wouldn’t have been, otherwise.

Vulcans don’t have heroes, but humans do.

I do.

I can say with absolute certainty that I wouldn’t be who I am without Leonard Nimoy.

I can also say that I’m not remotely alone.

I wouldn’t be who I am without Vulcans – and Vulcans wouldn’t be who they are – who they became – without Leonard.

They could just be token aliens. It was Leonard who demanded – of others, and himself – that Spock be allowed his own unique dignity, and to be not just that guy with the pointed ears, but a real being – an alien among humans. A being who will always be different, but is no less real, of no lesser value.

For me, as a thirteen year old who was often outcast and alien in school and at home, Spock was my lifeline, my fascination.

Maybe that’s why, even though I don’t like to fly (I have a very powerful urge to not fall!), it felt natural and right to spend the day of Leonard’s death traversing the sky, as close as I will ever come to space travel. As I looked at the frozen Great Lakes below me many hours later, I felt – kinship? Leonard’s spirit? The immensity of being, and my own tiny place within it?

I don’t know. Maybe there aren’t really any words for what I felt. Maybe it was something deeper than language, deeper even than poetry.

Food for thought (OK, that was a cheap way to get food into this not at all food oriented post, but it’s time to shift to something a bit sweeter).

Maple syrup is sweet.

What does maple syrup have to do with Leonard Nimoy’s death?

Maybe nothing. Except that, when I got up this morning, one year later, my husband was watching a segment on maple syrup making on This Old House. And that reminded me not only that it’s syruping time again here in upstate New York, but also of the maple syrup tour our homeschoolgroup took a few years back. So, on the tail end of a bittersweet post, a little extra dose of the sweet stuff.

Annalise and local bestie Gabrielle five years ago, at the sap boiling station for ‘sugaring off”.


  1. May he rest in peace. I miss him too even though I “met” him and Star Trek a lot later than when I was 13 :-). Great post!

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