Embracing Our Sexuality, Embracing Ourselves: A Love Is In Da Blog Salute to#GirlBoner

This is going to be a quick post, because I want the focus to be on what I’m sharing.

On Fridays, Bee Halton’s Love Is In Da Blog is all be about blog love. Celebrate a blog, or just a post, that you love. That can be one of yours or someone else’s. It can be a blog about love or just a blog you love. As long as you give it some credit and share it with us it will be fine! This is also a great possibility to use the WordPress reblog button.

Today, I want to introduce you to a new project, and a brand new blog home for my daring and caring friend, August McLaughlin, creator of the #GirlBoner brand, where good girls, smart girls, and women (and men, too!) of all sorts can go for intelligent sex talk, information, inspiration, and support.

What’s even better? I’ve met August in person, had the honor of being interviewed for her #GirlBoner Radio podcast, and listened to her speak. She’s just the same as she is on her blog, so, when I read here, I feel like I’m with her, listening.

Honestly, I feel embraced, and that brings me to today’s share: A giveaway to celebrate the paperback release of August’s new book, Embraceable, Amazing Facts and True Stories About Womens’ Sexuality.

If you are a woman, or love a woman, give yourself a treat today!

You can find more #LoIsInDaBl posts here. 


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