To Look for America: #LoIsInDaBl Day 18

Today Love Is In Da Blog goes international, with countries we love.  While I could have taken many different directions on this one, because I think the whole world is fascinating, I decided to go with what I know…America, the country that gave me life. As the song goes, “from sea to shining sea” – but there’s a lot of complexity and shadow there, too. This land was occupied when my ancestors got here, and the way they assumed ownership doesn’t fit my philosophies. Whether I would have if I’d been alive then, I can’t say.

But I can show you some of what I love in my homeland, through my own eyes:

 Through the Yaddo Gates (Saratoga Springs, NY)

 Camping in the Arizona Desert

 Texas Tarantula

 Crown King General Store – Crown King, Arizona

 Kepler Cascades, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

 Skeletal Beauty; On Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park, California

The View From Here: Summit of Moro Rock

 Moro Rock

 Stalagmite Skyscrapers in Lewis and Clark Caverns, Montana

 Looking Up and Out: Abandoned Quarry Near Missoula, Montana

 The Shore: South Jetty Park near Florence, Oregon.

Oregonian Sand and Surf Still Life

Grassy Dunes at the South Jetty

 Family February dune walk 2015

 Morning in Dexter, Oregon

 Willamette Valley Panorama, Oregon

Winter Storm Linus Comes to Our Our Front Yard

 Lava Lake, Gallatin National Forest, Montana

 Lone Star Geyser With Rainbow, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Mayflower II Masts, Plymouth, Massachusetts

My Liquid Laugh, My Magnetic Ode to a Geyser

 Alive at Saratoga Apples, Schuylerville, New York, Fall 2015

Saratoga Apples Abundantly

Moon Magic: Early October Evening in Schuylerville

 Saratoga Monument Silhouette in Autumn

 September 2013 in Lake George, New York

 Scope of a Season Collage: Autumn in New York

 Playing Around in September Collage

 Tugboat Roundup 2014 Collage, Waterford, New York

(America’s Oldest Incorporated Village)

 Peaceful Coexistence: Manhattan, New York City, New York

 A New York Minute: Near the United Nations

Learn more about my travels!


    • Happy to inspire, and to share. =) This is an amazing nation, and there’s so much more to see than I’ve seen, or shared. We’re looking forward to more travel in our future. =D

    • It’s a pretty amazing country. I could have posted thousands of amazing pictures. There’s so much to see here!

      You might really love to read some of those travel posts I linked. I go more into depth, and there are some gorgeous videos in there, and even some travel-inspired TnT fan fiction.

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